Kryo | Glycerin Freezable Pipes | Kryogel Infused Glassware


KRYO is a high-end line of freezable glassware. Each glass piece is infused with KRYOGEL, an all-natural freezable Glycerin based gel that cools your smoke as it passes through the KRYO-CHAMBER. The crisp cool hits from a KRYOSMOKE piece are sure to send chills through your body, while providing a smooth clean smoking experience.


We thought you’d never ask. Let’s take a look at our selection of Kryo pipes and associated accessories to make sure you have everything you need.

Kryo Recycler Rig – For the glass enthusiasts who love premium function, the KRYO Recycler Rig combines the ice-cool advantages of our freezable KRYOGEL infused glassware with the mesmerizing vortex action and amazing taste of a Klein-style recycler. Each hit from the KRYO Recycler Rig is cooled multiple times! Vapor in the recycler chamber can be recycled many times, continuously cooling the smoke even before it reaches KRYO-CHAMBER, so you’ll get the coolest, tastiest hits every time.

Kryo Beaker Bong – A staple in anyone’s collection, the traditional beaker-style silhouette has now been upgraded with all of the ice-cool advantages of our freezable KRYOGEL-infused glassware. Each hit from the KRYO Beaker Bong is cooled three times! Once in the freezable KRYO bowl, once through the showerhead downstem, and lastly through the freezable KRYO-CHAMBER, meaning you’ll get extra cool hits every time.

Kryo XL Showerhead Bong For the biggest ice-cool hits, this massive 19” KRYO Showerhead Bong XL combines the ice-cool advantages of our freezable KRYOGEL infused glassware with double the size and function. Each hit from the KRYO Showerhead Bong XL is cooled four times! Once in the freezable KRYO bowl, twice through the huge showerhead percolators, and once in the larger KRYO-CHAMBER, so you’ll get huge hits that are smoother than ever.



We’re all about user safety, and we’d never bring to our store shelves anything that could harm our customers.

Turns out, Glycerin is in a lot of the food items you already drink and eat regularly (most notably in foods like breakfast cereals, pasta, baked goods, pre-cooked rice, and sweeteners).

Glycerin is a non-toxic gel-like substance, approved by the FDA for use in foods and considered safe for human consumption. But the cool thing about it, is that Glycerin freezes QUICK and stays cooler than water for longer periods of time. 

Oh, and did we mention it is 100% ORGANIC?