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CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD Vapes are an excellent option for everyone. Whether you are new to the world of CBD and want to try it out or for personal wellness, or you have used cannabis and CBD for years recreationally, one thing we can agree on is that you need a high-quality product. On our site, you'll find pure CBD oil cartridges that are extracted with either CO2 or hydrocarbon gases such as propane or butane in a certified lab. The end product is then placed into a cartridge and brought directly to you by Hemper. We are here to bring you top-quality CBD oil at an affordable price. 

What is CBD?

CBD is a component of THC. It is part of a larger family of Cannabinoids, the active chemicals in cannabis that are similar to chemicals the body makes. CBD can be isolated and is commonly used in vape oil, CBD topicals, CBD gummies and CBD tinctures. While medical research surrounding CBD is lacking, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence of the health benefits of CBD. We believe that CBD is an excellent supplement for wellness like CBD capsules, so we take sourcing our high-quality CBD oils seriously. We are proud to serve the best products on the market.

Delta 8 Pens and Cartridges

A relative newcomer to the hemp scene, Delta 8 has quickly risen to become hemps most highly sought after minor cannabinoid. Known as THC’s milder cousin, Delta 8 still packs quite a punch, offering a pleasant, smooth, invigorating experience perfect for after a long day’s work, creative tasks, or kicking back and relaxing.

Delta 8 Vapes

When it comes to consuming Delta 8 (D8THC), Delta 8 Vapes and Vape pens are an often preferred method of use, combining Delta 8 vape cartridges with a vape pen for fast, convenient, and discrete use.

Delta 8 vape pens are small, portable, and discreet, enabling you to take your favorite Delta-8 THC vape cartridges with you wherever you go. Within a few seconds and with zero preparation, you can be enjoying your vape cart and letting the stresses of the day melt away around you.

Available in both rechargeable and disposable vape pens, we carry a broad selection of Delta 8 pens and cartridges featuring some of the most popular strains and flavors in the industry. High-quality terpenes give Delta 8 a full-bodied experience, with the synergistic effects and aroma reminiscent of real cannabis. From your first pull to the last, experience what others are raving about and get your own Delta 8 vape pen today.

CBD Vape Pens & Cartridges FAQ

Will Using a CBD Vape Pen Help with Anxiety?

Scientifically speaking, concentrated CBD directly activates serotonin receptors when consumed, thereby creating an anti-anxiety effect. After taking a puff of one of our CBD vaporizers, you'll notice instant relaxation without any psychoactive effects. We know that you will thoroughly enjoy the experience of using one of our vape cartridges. Please keep in mind the FDA states that CBD is not meant to cure or treat medical conditions of any kind, including anxiety. We recommend speaking with your doctor before using CBD for medical reasons. 

Can CBD Vape Pens Help with Pain Management?

CBD is an excellent natural alternative for wellness. All people have an endocannabinoid system that regulates various processes in the body, and CBD works with this system to create balance within the body. Check out our list of CBD Vape products today and try for yourself! We recommend speaking with your doctor before using CBD for medical reasons. The FDA states that CBD is not meant to treat or cure medical conditions of any kind.

Are CBD Vape Pens A Good Product?

CBD vape pens are a hot commodity in the cannabis and hemp world. They are portable, discreet, and involve no mess or smells. Many people enjoy vaping because the dose is controlled, and the vapor is light and fresh flavored. The effects of vaping CBD are instantaneous. You can also indulge at your convenience, without the worry of wasting any product. This makes vaping a cost-effective method that is great for new and seasoned users alike. At Hemper, we are happy to be your premier CBD vape supplier.

Can I get my CBD Vape Pen Shipped to Me?

Ordering a CBD Vape Pen online is easier and more convenient than ever. To get started, first browse our list of premium CBD vape pens. Select your ideal product, then check out with our hassle-free form from the comfort of your home. In no time your vape will arrive and you can dive into the experience of premium quality CBD. We've got the vape that you've been looking for. 

Best Place to Buy CBD Cartridges?

With so many available options, it can be tough to choose where to purchase your CBD vape cartridges and pens. At Hemper we guarantee quality, affordability, and ease when viewing, buying, and using our products. We source only the highest quality vape products from top suppliers that use regulated materials and advanced and certified processing labs so you never have to wonder what you're getting in your cartridge. When you buy with us, you are guaranteed to receive a product that is manufactured with care and is built to last. 

Is Buying CBD Cartridges Illegal?

The short answer is no, buying CBD cartridges is not illegal. Purchasing hemp-based CBD is federally legal in all 50 states as long as it doesn't contain more than 0.3 percent THC. This is a standard across the nation, making it fully accessible to those who may not live in an area that offers CBD in a retail setting. It is not legal to purchase THC/CBD or THC cartridges unless you reside in a state that has licensed facilities. All our vape pens and cartridges abide by federal guidelines and are perfectly safe and legal to purchase. 

Can CBD Vape Pens Get You High?

Even though CBD comes from cannabis, CBD products contain little to no THC — the psychoactive chemical that gets you high and gives off a euphoric effect. Our CBD vapes may help you feel relaxed or less anxious, but you won't get high if you choose to use a CBD-infused oil cartridge, tincture, edible, or other product. Hemp-based CBD has less than 0.3% THC within its contents, so you won't need to worry about accidentally getting stoned off of your CBD vape pen.

Does CBD Show Up in a Drug Test?

Using pure CBD oil, edibles, or topicals will not show up on a drug test. Simply put, drug tests don't screen for CBD. If you use a product that has traces of THC, you may have THC show up on your drug test.  Using hemp-based CBD products is an excellent option for everyone, regardless of your profession or where you live. It is possible to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD with Hemper

How Long Until I Feel the Effects of Vaping CBD? 

When vaping CBD, you will likely feel the effects immediately. If you are new to consuming CBD, you should moderate your usage until you understand CBD vape's effects on you. It is always better to start low and go slow. In about 30 minutes after your vape sesh, you should start to feel the effects fully, and they will last for up to two hours. Shop our entire vape pens collection.

How Long Will My CBD Cartridge/Vape Pen Last?

How long your cartridge lasts will depend on a few usage factors and whether you purchase a half-gram or full-gram cartridge. If you are new to consuming CBD and only plan to use your vape pen 1-2 times per day, your cartridge can potentially last for a couple of weeks. If you are an experienced user and use your cartridge multiple times throughout the day, your cartridge will likely last 4-7 days. Disposable pens will last a shorter period than cartridges due to their design. They are not rechargeable and usually only come in volumes of a half gram or less.

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