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Reliable. Dependable. Affordable. All without sacrificing quality. Few companies in the history of modern vaporizers have been able to tout these combined attributes. Yet Yocan has continued to push the boundaries of what’s possible, providing an array of cost-effective, high-quality vaporizers that leave fans astonished at how well they perform given the affordable price tag.

These and other hallmarks have propelled Yocan to establish a solid share of the vaporizer market, ranking among the top manufacturers in the industry. Their sense of creativity, drive for innovation and ever-evolving technology is a direct reflection of their mission and values, shining through in all of their products.

With a goal of creating functional, reliable and affordable vaporizers for the market, Yocan appeals to a broad range of consumers ranging from occasional users to those who vape regularly for medicinal purposes.

Yocan Makes Specialized Vaping Devices for:

  • Athletes 
  • Vocalists 
  • Professionals 
  • Casual users 
  • Medicinal users 

Yocan is known for their line of dry herb and wax concentrate vapes, with their Evolve line being among the most well-known. The Evolve line has, “evolved” since its first introduction to the market.

Beginning as an innovative dab pen, the Evolve transformed into several iterations including:

With the introduction of the “Plus” models, Yocan made major improvements on everything they were already doing quite well. The new models featured an ultra-powerful 1100mAh battery, built-in concentrate container and impressive performance that reliably provided an incredible experience with every pull.