HEMPER - Ducky XL Bong Box | Bubble XL Box

Hemper Ducky XL Bong Box

Quack it up with our Ducky XL Bong  the cutest way to make waves in your smoke sessions! Picture this: a white tub-shaped body with a ducky percolator inside, floating blissfully. It's like having your own little bath-time companion, but for your hits! The smoke swirls around the ducky, turning each puff into a mini hot box. This Who said bubbles aren't for adults? Grab the Ducky XL Bong and let the good times flow!

Every Hemper XL Box comes with a hand-picked assortment of popular accessories, papers, cones, and wraps. Perfect for trying new items, stocking up on essentials, or sharing with friends.

  • 1 X 14 MM Limited Edition Duck Bowl⁠
  • 2 X 14 MM Quartz Banger⁠
  • 1 X Assorted Twisted Tips⁠
  • 5 X HEMPER Quick Hitters
  • 1 X OCB Cones⁠
  • 1 X Assorted Clipper Lighter⁠
  • 1 x Linse Lighter
  • 1 X Notes Papers⁠
  • 1 X Hemper Glass Blunt
  • 1 X Hemper Glass Filter Tip⁠
  • 1 X Formula 420 Original Cleaner 2oz
  • 1 X Hemper Tech Alcohol Snap Caps⁠
  • 1 X Kryptonite 2oz⁠
  • 2 X Hemper Tech Fresh Wipes⁠
  • 1 X Rubber Ducky Carp Cap
  • 1 X Limited Edition Sticker⁠