King Size Original Cones (Natural) - HEMPER

King Size Original Cones (Natural)

King Size Original Cones (Natural)


Since 1994, the Original Original Cone has been one of the go-to's in our community!

The Original cone is air tight and features an integrated cardboard filter built right in to the base.  

Original cones come in four different sizes and two different paper types for you to choose from.  Whether you prefer the smaller 1 1/4 size, or you want to try your hand at filling a GIGA Cone, there's an original cone for you! 

These King Cones come in packs of 3.  These cones are perfect for stuffing and smoking.  The Original Cone is made of hemp. These cones are intended for use by smokers that are concerned with using natural products instead of bleached or processed paper.


  • 1 Pack of 3 Natural Original Cones