Smoke Fiends - Catnip The Kitten Themed Eco-Friendly Personal Air Filter

Product Description

The Smoke Fiends is a personal smoke filter that will come in handy when you least expect it! You'll be amazed as you take your hit, and watch it disappear as it travels through the air filter!

Smoking from a cigarette, pipe, or any other combusted material releases dangerous toxins into the air around you. Exhaling through a Smoke Fiends reduces secondhand smoke and eliminates odor before it even starts. 


  • Up to 300+ uses
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Keeps second hand smoke away from friends, family, and neighbors
  • Convenient and compact
  • Magically removes smoke and odor

What's Included:

(1) Themed Eco-Friendly Personal Air Filter
(1) Reusable Silicone Body
(1) Biodegradable Filter