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What is an E-Rig?

by Angel Ferrer 6 min read

What is an E-Rig?

What is an E-Rig?

Many dabbing enthusiasts are beginning to make a shift in the way they enjoy their dabbing experience. Before now, nails and torches were the main devices used by the vast majority of dab lovers. Today, a new and portable device is making a huge impact in the cannabis industry.

E-rigs have come to become the favorite dabbing device for most savvy cannabis users. These portable devices are the latest examples of how tech plays a major role in the cannabis industry. The quality and functionality of e-rig devices have greatly enhanced the dabbing process. 

E-rigs: Changing the face of dabbing  

An e-rig is also known as an electronic rig, is a smart device used for consuming cannabis concentrates. An e-rig operates and heats a nail with a battery rather than a touch. An e-rig is a method of dabbing that allows the user to control the temperature of the dab. 

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Being able to control the dab's temperature successfully is quite helpful when using cannabis concentrates, including the ones with high terpenes levels. It is important to control terpenes levels' temperature because terpenes cannabis concentrates require low temperatures to prevent them from evaporating. 

The e-rig allows the user to maintain a temperature between 310 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. ( 154 and 205 degree Celsius) to retain its flavorful terpenes. Rather than using a torch to heat a piece of quartz to an unknown temperature, e- rigs dial in the exact temperature with just the push of a button in just a matter of seconds. 

With all their functionality and convenience, e-rigs have their shortcomings as they require electricity to function, thereby reducing their outdoor use. However, manufactures are getting around this drawback with the production of battery-powered e-rigs.

Unlike butane torches that allow nails to heat up to temperatures exceeding 1000 Fahrenheit, which end up destroying the concentrates terpenes, e-rigs are a game-changer in the dabbing experience of cannabis users. With e-rig dabbing devices, users can fine-tune each dab to give them enjoyable and memorable dabbing moments. 

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How do You use an E-rig

Electric rigs are a perfect choice if you are seeking consistent heat for dabs. They are quite easy to set up, making them very easy to use. The e-rig allows the user to set up their preferred temperature and keeps it at that level. With its LED display, users can accurately set up their desired temperature. Let's take a detailed look at how you can use an e-rig. 

Set up the E-rig 

  • Begin by gathering all you need to set up the e-rig. Ensure you use a solid surface that is not flammable should in case you accidentally tip over your e-rig. Make sure your e-rig is filled with the correct water level. Ensure your carb cap and dabber are clean and ready to use. Your nails, electric units, plugs ins should also be readily available. 
  • Unscrew the top of your e-nail and insert it inside the coil of your e-nail system, then screw the head back on.
  • Fasten the e-nail to your electric rig or wrap the coil around the dab rig to protect it. 
  • Fasten the coil, and the power cord to the unit, then plug. 
  • Turn it on, then use the up and down button to put it at the desired temperature. In most cases, it takes between 1-2 minutes for the e-nails to reach the right temperature level.  

If you have never used the e-rigs before, then ensure you season the e-nails 

If you have to get the best flavor of your dabs, then you must season the e-nails. 

  • Turn on your e-nail and set it to 750, then get low-grade oil or concentrates. 
  • Once you attain your desired temperature, use your dabbing device to take a dab of your concentrates. Then apply it to the e-nail by stirring the concentrate to ensure every surface is covered.  

Using Your E-rig 

Put your e-rig to use by setting the desired temperature suitable for dabbing. If you want a low-temperature dab, heat the nail to about 800°F, lower the heat level to 350°F-400°F. For a medium temperature dab, heat the nail to 450°F-600°F.

 A high-temperature dab requires a temperature of 600°F-850°F, and in some cases, it can go as high as 900°F. Once you attain the right temperature, you can then use your dab tool to select your preferred dab size. 

Benefits of an Electric Dab Rig 

The electric dab rig is one of the success stories in the world of cannabis. At first, there were steady complaints about battery issues and the amount of oil the e-rig could handle per dab. With technological improvements and innovative measures, the electric dab rig is a great alternative to old-fashioned dabbing methods. 

The main benefit of an electric dab rig is that it allows the user to control the temperature. In the past, dabbing entails heating your concentrate using a nail that a torch has heated, then immediately inhale the vapor. With electric dab rigs, users can conveniently control the temperature to reach the right level.

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Similarly, electric dab rigs do not leave much mess after use. They are also much safer and less dangerous to use when compared to blow torch. Electric dab rigs give you the pleasure of hitting the vaporization sweet spot, which is between 315 °F and 440°F. 

The advantage of this is that you can enjoy the flavor and smell of the concentrates terpenes without the typical acid taste or burn associated with the blow torch. With the electric dab rig, you can be sure of the right temperature to heat your nails without guesswork. Furthermore, the e-rig is simple to maintain as it requires you to clean your e-nails with alcohol-soaked cotton. 

How to Smoke a Dab Using an E-rig

Dabbing remains the most popular method of concentrate consumption. Let's look at the steps to take in smoking a dab using an e-rig. 

Step 1: Heat your e-nail to the desired temperature. 

Step 2: Place the concentrate on the surface of the e-nail and slowly start to inhale the vapor. 

Step 3: Place a carb cap on e-nails to better vaporize the dab while inhaling. The carb cap serves as an oven that traps all the heat in e-nails to ensure you get the maximum satisfaction as you dab. Lift the carb cap when you are ready to clear all the vapor out of the e-rig. 

Step 4: Exhale the vapor immediately.

Step 5: Clean your e-nails to prevent residue from distorting the flavor of your concentrates. 

What to look for a when Buying an Electronic Dab rig  

You would have to consider several factors before buying that perfect electric dab rig. Here are some things to look up before purchasing one. 


Electronic dab rings come in two categories which include desktop rigs and portable e-nails. Desktop rigs are large units designed for dabbing in a stationary spot. 

They require the use of electricity, although there are newer models that run on inbuilt batteries. Portable e-rigs are not as large as desktop rigs and can be moved around easily. 

Ease of use 

If you are new to dabbing, you must ensure you go for models that are much easier to handle and assemble.

Personal Dabbing Experience and Satisfaction 

Dabbing is mostly suited for experienced users. E-rigs are known to give out intense vapors that might be too much for a newbie or inexperienced user. Similarly, assembling the e-rig device might be challenging for a newbie, so you must undergo the learning process before starting with e-rigs. 

Nail Types 

You must know about the different e-nail types before purchasing an e-rig device. Some brands come with three types of e-mails. The difference between the e-nails is the material they are made from. Let's look at the different nail types. 

Titanium nails: These nails are much faster in reaching their optimum temperature and also retain heat for a more extended period. The drawback of these e-nails is that they are not as good as the other two types of nails as the material is reactive and leaves a metallic taste in the vapors. 

Ceramics nails: These nails can retain heat for a long time; however, they don't heat as quickly. 

Quartz nails: They heat fast and also retain their natural flavor. On the flip side, they do not preserve heat for long. 

Is Buying an Electric Dab rig any good

If you are looking forward to enjoying a convenient and exciting dabbing experience, then investing in an e-rig would be such a great move. Electronic dab rigs are quite pricey, but that is because of their superior and excellent functionality. 

Many dab users are moving towards safe and less dangerous dabbing methods, which electronic dab rigs easily offer. Traditional dab rigs made from glass could get shattered in your luggage when on transit.

 With portable electronic dab rigs, traveling with your dabbing device is never a problem. An e-rig could cost you about some hundreds of dollars, but it is quite a fair deal if you consider the upgrade it has over traditional dabbing devices. 

Where to Buy Your Electric Dab Device 

Ensure you are going for quality when you buy an electric dab device. You can find a collection of amazing Hemper electric dab rigs to choose from if you desire a smooth and thrilling dabbing experience. 

We recommend our e-rigs for their top quality and versatility. Even if you are a budget-minded dab lover, there is something for everyone with Hemper's electronic dab devices.