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Al Harrington Wellness Launch Recap

by Elliot Reissner 1 min read

Al Harrington Wellness Launch Recap

The HEMPER Team was proud to sponsor the Al Harrington Viola brand launch party in Los Angeles!  We took the opportunity to showcase some of our all new, never-before-seen line of glass.  This allowed attendees to sample all of the Viola products quickly and easily as opposed to spending time prepping the perfect roll.

Some of the former NBA Stars who dropped by included Baron Davis, John Salley, Kenyon Martin Sr, Stephen Jackson and of course Al Harrington himself.

Al Harrington Stephen Jackson Matt Barnes Kenyon Martin Baron Davis


Event attendees were also treated to a panel discussion hosted by Al and the other players, discussing the current state of medical marijuana use in the athletic community.  

No matter what stance you take on medical marijuana & sports, it is clear that former athletes are some of the strongest advocates helping to pave the way!



Viola X Hemper

Hemper X Viola


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Stephen Jackson Kenyon Martin