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Cool Bongs

Cool Bongs

Everyone wants to be known amongst their smoking pals as being the one with the coolest smoking accessories. At Hemper, we bring you the coolest bongs on the market so that the next time your friends come over for a session; they’ll know precisely who the King or Queen of smoking is. 

Our collection of cool bongs will turn heads and keep you coming back for more, session after session. These bongs don’t just look cool, though. They are also purpose-built to deliver the easy, smooth pull that you expect from any of the glassware you buy from Hemper. 

Shop Bongs

When you’re looking for something creative and fun – something that is as much a piece of glass art as it is a smoking utensil – you need to check out our collection of cool bongs. 

Buying The Best Cool Bong

Bongs are cool, pretty much regardless of the style. However, when you’re ready to own a piece that people look at and say “Wow!” then you’re prepared to choose one of these fine-crafted pieces from our cool bongs collection. Whether it be a cool roll-up silicone piece for those on-the-go or something ornate and handcrafted by a true artisan, we have you covered!

Smooth, Clean Smoke

If you are ready to step away from the harsh smoke that pipes, joints, and other non-filtered ways of inhaling provide, then a bong may be exactly what you need. With the magic of water filtration, our bongs provide a clean, smooth pull each and every time. Many of our pieces can be further enhanced with ice or placed in the freezer for an ice-cold, smooth, cooling hit! 

Shop Dab Rigs

Durable, Thick Glass

As we said, these are not just creative masterpieces, but they are meant to be handled and smoked out of. All of our pieces are well made with thick glass that is durable and meant to last a lifetime of smoking pleasures. While we always encourage our customers to handle their pieces with the utmost care, you can use these cool bongs without worry. 

How Much Do Cool Bongs Cost? 

Having a cool bong doesn’t have to break the bank. Our bongs are affordably priced to offer you the most bang for your buck. You can spend more on our elaborate designs or stick with something more affordable and simple. The choice is entirely yours, and our goal is to provide you quality smoking wares, no matter the price point. 

Shop Our Cool Bongs Today

If you’re ready to add an awesome piece to your collection, choose one of the bongs featured in this collection. Our bongs provide an enhanced smoking experience, with smooth, full hits and designs that will make you the hero of any smoking session. 

Buy one of our cool bongs today, and be proud to display your new, fine piece of glass! 

Check out our collection of Cool Bongs here at Hemper.co.

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