Buy Concentrate Vapes & Wax Vapes

Concentrate vaporizers are the most efficient way to utilize your essential oils. Through vaporization, concentrate vapes provide a cleaner and smoother pull than through a traditional pipe. Most concentrate vaporizers are easily operated with the press of a button for easy on the go use! There are several variations, some are pens while others have full glass and water attachments. Glass attachments provide water filtration which not only cools down your vapor, but filters out any residual plant matter in your oils. While glass attachment vaporizers are both popular and smooth, they are ultimately not the most convenient method for daily use.

The best option for on the go vaporizing is a Pen model that can easily fit in your pocket. All concentrate vaporizers operate using a heating coil that connects to an atomizer. The atomizer acts as the dish for your concentrates to evaporate in.

By vaporizing your concentrates through an atomizer, you are ensuring that none of your material is wasted. Most other methods of consuming concentrates are inefficient and result in waste. By utilizing a vaporizer, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the cleanest, most efficient pull possible, every single time.