Buy Vape Parts & Accessories

Vaping is a method of enjoying your favorite herbs and concentrates in a powerful, potent and healthier way, eliminating the need for combustion and “smoke”.

If you’ve made the move to vaping and are looking for the best parts and accessories at prices that won’t break your wallet, then you’ve come to the right place! From simple e-cigs, to complex box mods, we’ve got you covered.

Common Vape Accessories & Parts

Vape and e-cig batteries – power up your device with confidence!

Vape Chargers – keep your device powered up at home and on the go

Drip Tips – personalize and tailor your device with uniquely styled tips

Vaping Coil – coils can wear or burn out over time. Keep your vaping experience fresh and optimized with a new coil you can count on.

Wire – an important component that may need replacement over time

Wicks / Cotton – If you’re into concentrates or e-juices, keeping your wick in top shape can make all the difference.

Bottles – useful for storing e-juices and other mediums you vape

Adapters – may be necessary when customizing your device

Cases – Keep your unit safe and protected, especially when on the go with a premium case.

Starter Kits – come with everything a beginner needs to hit the road running with their new vaping device.

Atomizers – the heating powerhouse of your device, this is the part of your vape unit that the battery powers and heats up to turn your substrate, be it e-juice, concentrate, or herb into vapor.

The Best Accessories for your Vape Device

No matter if you sport a simple vape pen, or a highly customized box mod complete with Bluetooth and mobile app access, we’ve got just what you need. From e-juices, to accessories, cleaning kits and even cases, check out our selection today