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If you're looking to keep your bong clean then you've come to the right place. Check out some of our cleaning solutions and kits below for your bong. For keeping your other smoking pieces and accessories clean and sanitary, check out our full line of HemperTech products.

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If a person wants a large and smooth hit from their bong, it has to be clean. If the piece is not clean it will cause a piece to become dirty. It is important to clean because residue can accumulate. Residue not only causes the piece to look dirty, but it also can catch fire if it covers the carb hole.

Cleaning a bong will also eliminate germs from sharing the piece. When a bong becomes dirty ash will accumulate in the pipe. It will become a carcinogenic. Lastly, cleaning a bong will bring a more appealing look to the piece. Hemper is known for having the best cleaning supplies that will make your bong feel like new again.