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Why You Should Use a Shock Absorbing Glass Pad

by Christy Coy 1 min read

Why You Should Use a Shock Absorbing Glass Pad

We all have that favorite glass piece that we love and rip harder than all the rest.  You treat it with care, clean it weekly, change the water daily... it's always looking fresh.  

If you feel that way towards any of your glass pieces, you know how horrifying it is to see a friend manhandle your glass during a sesh!  Sure, you place your glass down on the table with a gentle tap, but if the way your friends put down your pieces gives you anxiety every time, you're not alone.


HEMPER Shock Absorbing Glass Pads

The HEMPER team realized that old school mouse pads were an excellent padding material for placing your glass on!  We increased the thickness on our custom pads, and developed all original designs to keep your set up looking fresh.

Whether it's the OG HEMPER Camouflage, the flashy Party design, or the classic "It's Lit!", with 9 different styles, we have a glass pad that will fit your personal preference.

The fabric top is both classy and functional, providing a smooth surface to place your glass on.

No More Chipped Bongs

By using a shock absorbing glass pad, you can smoke through your sesh feeling calm and confident that no accidental bangs or bumps from your careless friends will damage your piece.

The November HEMPER box features assorted Glass pads, the Apple Cider Bottle bong, a Premium UV Reactive Glass Storage Jar and more for just $29.99!  


Grab a HEMPER Shock Absorbant Glass Pad here.

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