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How to Perfectly Clean your Bong

by Angel Ferrer 3 min read

How to Perfectly Clean your Bong

While there are countless ways to go about cleaning out your favorite bong, we at HEMPER are going to walk you through the best methods for restoring your pipe to its former glory.  

From traditional to innovative, this comprehensive guide has you covered!

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an excellent smoking essential.  While it can be used to clean anything from cuts and scrapes to your favorite glass piece... it isn't actually designed for removing resin!  

To effectively clean with rubbing alcohol, you'll also need to pick up some course grain kosher salt.  After you have both salt and isopropyl alcohol, pour enough into your piece to thoroughly coat.  We recommend utilizing a pair of Hemper Tech Cleaning Plugs+Caps as you begin to shake your salt and alcohol solution around your piece!  Using our cleaning plugs + caps will ensure a mess free cleaning session.

Kryptonite Cleaner

Kryptonite Glass Cleaner

Kryptonite Cleaner is a clay-based cleaning formula that works to dig away at the residue found in your bongs and dab rigs.  It can even be used to clean hand pipes, extraction tubes, and other hard glass or metal pieces. It powers through grime in a way that rubbing alcohol and salt can’t. 

Get your glass clean AND disinfected at the same time with Kryptonite Cleaner. This all-natural solution gives you the power you want without harmful extra chemicals. Cut your cleaning time and effort in half and, eliminate all the shaking!

Your pieces come out sparkling clean and totally clear with less effort than ever before. 

Check out our full Kryptonite Cleaner blog post here.

Grab a bottle of Kryptonite Cleaner here.

Formula 420

Formula 420 Glass Cleaner

This solution is comprised of rubbing alcohol and salt, but with a far more pleasant odor than if you were to buy them separately at the store.  This is one of the most simple, tried and true methods for cleaning out your bong.  Simply pour some solution into your piece, add some hot water, then shake and rinse!

If you're an acrylic or plastic bong owner, then you know that cleaning your piece is a real pain. One of the only real solutions is simple dish soap and hot water, but it barely does the trick like glass bong cleaners. If you fall into the non-glass category, check out Formula 420 Plastic and Acrylic cleaner. It’s one of the only solutions that we’ve really seen that’s safe to use on these kinds of bongs, so it’s worth a try!

Grab a bottle of Formula 420 Glass Cleaner here.

Grab a bottle of Formula 420 Plastic & Acrylic Cleaner here.

Grunge Off

Grunge off Glass Cleaner

Grunge off is yet another easy to use glass cleaner.  Like Kryptonite, it doesn't utilize an abrasive, and instead chemically absorbs your leftover resin and concentrate build up.  Grunge off is biodegradable and non-toxic while quickly cutting through build-up for big results in a small amount of time. Keep the ends of your bong capped with your Hemper Tech Cleaning Plugs + Caps and let this product do its thing.  Once your bong has soaked for an hour or so (make sure to pour the reusable liquid back into the Grunge Off bottle for safe-keeping) rinse off your glass with warm water and let her rip!

Grab a bottle of Grunge off here.

Which is your favorite cleaning method?  Let us know in the comments!