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Top 5 HEMPER Accessories

by Angel Junior 3 min read

Top 5 HEMPER Smoking Accessories

We're sure that your kit is already filled with your favorite essential products that you use for your daily sesh. Yes its true, you can get by with your disposable lighters, basic ashtray, and a pack of papers, but where's the fun in that!?

Disposable gas station lighters run out quickly and leave you with that awful first inhale full of butane fumes. Regular ashtrays are made for cigarettes, not glass bowls or pipes, so you end up ashing all over the table, or worse, damaging your glass.  

We at HEMPER have stepped into the modern smokers market to offer a wide variety of specially designed essential products made to meet the needs of connoisseurs such as yourself.

Keep your kit stocked with everything you need to enjoy a bowl in style. Carry these 5 essential products to enhance your smoking experience to untold heights:



The HEMPER Caché

Need to ash a bowl? The HEMPER Caché Ashtray is the quickest, safest and most effective solution out there. The Caché is designed to to keep your ash and smoked herb contained, while also making cleanup a breeze. Made of heat-resistant, non-stick, medical-grade silicone, the Caché avoids resin buildup overtime so you can ash worry-free! Its ascending point is made to fit bowls of all sizes, so unpack even your largest pipes with ease.

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The HEMPER Clipper Lighter

Life is too short to use a crack lighter! Trash those cheap, disposable gas station lighters for good! The HEMPER Clipper Lighter is as compact and lightweight as those other lighters, but is refillable in order to be kinder to the environment. You won’t need to make a late night light run for a new lighter ever again. The Clipper Lighter’s removable flint even doubles as a poker on the go, meaning you have to carry less with you, and an extra tool in a pinch.

Grab your very own refillable HEMPER Clipper Lighter right here.

HEMPER Keeper™ 3-in-1 Grinder

The HEMPER Keeper™

The HEMPER Keeper™ is the first portable grinder on the market that features two different storage compartments, allowing you to store your ready-to-grind herb separately from your already-ground material. No need to waste time picking your unground herb from the grounds; the HEMPER Keeper™ keeps them apart for an easy on-the-go solution.

The top of the Keeper™ features a removable grinder that has sharp teeth for a fluffy, easy grind. Rest assured that crushed buds or large chunks are a thing of the past with the HEMPER Keeper™! The Keeper™ saves you time by powering through even large amounts of herb with ease, always resulting in a great grind for all your smoking needs.

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HemperTech Snapcap Alcohol Swabs

Clean out those hard-to-reach areas with Hemper Tech Snapcap Alcohol Swabs. These snap caps are specially designed and formulated for cleaning out your quartz bangers, bowl pieces, Vape Pen atomizers, and more. Getting that residue and buildup out of those tight spots has never been easier!  Hemper Tech Alcohol swabs ensure that you have a clean piece of quartz, so you’re not smoking any excess residue buildup. Pair the Snapcap Alcohol Swabs with the Hemper Tech Fresh Wipes for a total upgrade to cleaning your kit.

 Grab a pack of Hemper Tech Snapcap Alcohol Swabs here.


HemperTech Alcohol Freshwipes

Your friends are gross! Keep your entire kit fresh and sanitary with our disposable alcohol fresh wipes. Featuring environmentally safe, sewn-in microbeads, Hemper Tech Fresh Wipes easily remove sticky buildup and germs from any surface. No more grimy mouthpieces! Hemper Tech Freshwipes were developed to be multipurpose, they can even be used to wipe down tabletops or other surfaces where you roll or pack your products. Ditch those tiny ineffective alcohol swabs for good and keep your pipes and set up cleaner than ever!

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Top 5 HEMPER Smoking Accessories