HEMPER - Cupcake XL Bong Box

Hemper Cupcake XL Bong Box

Introducing our Cupcake XL Bong  the sweetest companion for your smoke sessions! Shaped like a detectable cupcake, it's a treat for the senses. The clear scalloped base gives those bakery vibes, while the frosting, sprinkles, and cherry on top make each hit a delight. Get ready for a flavorful experience with this sugary piece!

Every Hemper XL Box comes with a hand-picked assortment of popular accessories, papers, cones, and wraps. Perfect for trying new items, stocking up on essentials, or sharing with friends.

  • 1 X Hemper Cupcake XL Bong
  • 1 X Hemper Cupcake XL Bong
  • 1 X Assorted Goody Glass Popsicle Handpipe
  • 1 X Goody Glass Travel Grinder
  • 1 X Assorted Goody Glass Medium Rolling Tray
  • 1 X New Hemper Plugs Pro
  • 1 X Quartz Banger 14 MM Male Joint
  • 1 X 14mm Flower Bowl
  • 1 X 5 Pack Large Smell Proof Bags
  • 1 X  Hemper Glass Filter Tip
  • 1 X Mushroom Head Dab Tool
  • 5 X Quick Hitters Assorted
  • 5 X Assorted Twisted Tips
  • 1 X Clipper Lighter
  • 1 X Klear Kryptonite Cleaner 2 oz
  • 1 X Hemper Tech Freshwipes
  • 1 X Hemper Tech Pipe Cleaners
  • 1 X Hemper Tech Hempwick
  • 1 X Hemper Tech Wood Qtips
  • 1 X Hemper Tech Snapcaps
  • 1 X Limited Edition Sticker

    $300+ Retail Value