Dab Tech

Dab Tech Vape

A newcomer to the scene, Dab Tech made waves when it premiered in 2018 with a promise to disrupt the vaporizer industry, which it saw as overpriced and outdated. It’s made a name for itself by consistently creating high-value products made exclusively for dabbers that prize performance, portability, and ease of use. 

Committed to democratizing portable dabbing by delivering premium products at reasonable prices, Dab Tech makes products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but durable to boot! Every product is manufactured in the United States and built to last.

Portable Vapes without the Price

Staying true to its mission statement, Dab Tech creates easy-to-use and straightforward products that appeal to newcomers and veteran dabbers alike. 

The Daborizer is a straightforward concentrate-vaping device. For just $89.99, it’s a steal of a straw that’s great for on-the-go vaping and perfect for digging out the hard-to-reach last bits left in your wax containers. Simply dip the Daborizer’s tip into your wax and inhale. 

The company’s Elite Pro Rig is a fully functional E-rig whose customizable temperature ranges from 200 to 900 degrees. With a sophisticated heating system that warms up the nail in less than a minute, the Elite Pro is worth every bit of its $139 price tag and comes with nails that can handle any and all kinds of wax concentrate on the market.

On the higher end, Dab Tech offers the Duvo Smart Rig, the company’s most powerful unit. Equipped with a USB-C fast charge battery and three atomizer, the Duvo Smart Rig has all the best E-rigs' benefits without the added complications. It has four temperature modes and a simple button interface that makes for an easy and pain-free process from start to finish.