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    Holiday Tier 1 - 2023

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    Holiday Tier 2 - 2023

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    Holiday Tier 3 - 2023

Hemper’s December Tier Sale:Spend $50+ for $30 worth of free products (Tier 1), $100+ for $80 worth (Tiers 1 & 2), or $150+ for an amazing $300 worth (All 3 Tiers)!

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Hemper Bundles

Our spectacular kits are a great way to get all the items you need and save a buck in one easy purchase.  The experts over at HEMPER have thoughtfully packaged specific products together making life easier for you, so all you have to do is point and click.  Some of the different offerings we have include frequently lost or broken items like glass tips, bowls, and papers, where others are geared towards cleaning supplies, or even entire smoke session kits including papers, containers, and rolling tray.  We’ve got dab kits, travel kits, rolling kits… you get the idea. Take a look around and pick out your customized bundle today.