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Best Accessories for Dabbing

The evolution of dabbing has come a long way since its introduction to the smoking world in the 1970s. Once a mysterious practice followed by only the most hardcore smokers, today dabbing has become much more mainstream with its own uniquely customized dab accessories.

With so many options available on the market, it might be tricky to narrow down the best. Lucky for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting to bring you our top dab accessory picks.

Quartz Bangers

While shopping around, you will find that bangers come in all different shapes and sizes, made up of different types of materials. Designers use quartz as a replacement for traditional glass because of its durability under extreme heat.

Quartz Bangers Benefits

Besides being made of more durable material, quartz bangers are also specially made to sit at a particular angle away from your dab rig parts. This angle is an essential feature as it helps prevent overheating and potentially damage your rig from the torch. 

Having a banger made of quartz is beneficial because you don’t have to season it like other dab accessories, including nails. You don’t have to worry about any heat tests or breaking them in before using, cutting down on opportunities to cause damage or breaking. Shop our Dab Rig Collection if you need to replace or find a new piece.

Quartz Bangers Cost

You can typically find quartz bangers between $10 and $30 based on the features you have in mind. Take a look at our quartz banger options here and find the perfect fit for your dab rig.

Carb Caps

To enhance your dabbing experience, use a carb cap to help increase your control of airflow. Made from different materials, including glass, quartz, and ceramic, carb caps can allow the more experienced dabber to take faster dabs.

Carb Caps Benefits

Keeping your dab rig clean can be a bit of a chore, but with the help of carb caps, you can help to keep the remaining extract out of the rig itself. After taking a hit, you swirl it around, similar to how you would with a dabbing tool, and keep your rig clean.

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Having a clean rig also maximizes your overall dabbing experience. Using a carb cap to help keep your rig clean will ensure you maintain your suction level throughout use. 

Carb Caps Cost

Because carb caps come in varying materials and designs, you will find their price covering a wide range. Usually, you can expect to spend between $10 and $15 for a standard carb cap. Take a look at our carb caps and find the perfect option from our dab rig accessories.

Dab Torches

It’s no surprise that you will need a high-quality dabbing accessory to have the best dabbing experience, including a torch. What’s important to keep in mind are what characteristics to look for while browsing through your options.

What to Look For

Here are some important features to pay attention to when finding your perfect torch:

  • Dependability: good, quality materials
  • Reusability: easy fluid refill
  • Pricing: fair price for value
  • Heat capacity: maximum heat output
  • Gas type: butane or propane
  • Sizing: think of carrying

Dab Torches Cost

Standard butane torches will usually run you somewhere between $15 and $40, varying based on the specifications listed above. You can look at our tab torch options here to find different types of torches based on your dabbing needs.


Dabbers, also known as a dab tool, ensure a comfortable yet consistent experience using your rig. Also made from various materials, dabbers can help to customize your rig and add a unique flare. 

Dabbers Benefits

With heats exceeding 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s no wonder they developed a tool preventing you from having to use your fingers to mix your dab around. Dabbers deliver you convenience and consist of heat resistant materials like glass or titanium.

Dabbers Cost

Depending on the type of materials you are looking for, dabbers will generally cost you around $10 to $15. You can also find hand-blown, intricate pieces at higher ranges if you are looking for more artistic works. Take a look at our different dabbers.

Dab Mats

Finding the perfect dab rig is the first step; taking care of its upkeep will maintain its life over time. Because rigs are glass, it can be easy to break them even if accidentally. Find the proper dab accessories to keep it protected.

Dab Mats Benefits

Dab Mats are available to help prevent any sticky mess left in your area. Mats are also useful to help with your storage and keeping your rigs safe. Mats can control accidental bumps providing a sturdy, non-slip surface.

Another more discreet protection option you can find is a glass pad. Glass pads prevent any unexpected chips or cracks from a hard surface using shock-absorbing materials and fitting perfectly underneath your rig in a circular shape.

Dab Mats Cost

Because they are usually inexpensive materials, you can generally find mats and pads in different pricing ranges. Take a look at our dab mats and glass pads to find what you need.

Find All Your Dab Tools

These days, the dab experience is about as customizable as you can imagine. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced dabber, there are a wide variety of dab accessories available to you to help enhance your experience.

Are You Ready To Dab?

What is most important is ensuring that your experience is everything you want it to be. Using the proper tools that we’ve provided can help you get there.

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