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Get Answers to your Questions About CBD Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls have been around for a long time. But the industry has only recently made the move to bring CBD pre-rolls to the masses.

Met with great enthusiasm, CBD pre-rolls have skyrocketed in popularity, and with good reason. They bring the convenience, consistency and reliability of everything you love about pre-rolls to your favorite relaxing supplement: CBD (cannabidiol).

In this guide we’ll take you through the ins and outs of CBD pre-rolls, answering the most commonly asked questions about this innovative and exciting way to enjoy CBD.

Kick back, light up and let’s get right down to it…

What Are CBD Pre Rolls?`

CBD pre-rolls, as the name so aptly implies, is a CBD joint that is ‘pre-rolled’. For those who love smoking CBD flower, a CBD pre-roll is the ultimate in convenience, requiring literally zero preparation to enjoy.

From first pull to the last, a CBD pre-roll is perfectly crafted to perform optimally, making each drag feel like a gentle embrace, with the benefits of CBD enveloping your sense of well-being and helping you achieve a relaxed and mellowed state.

Although there are a lot of ways you can ingest CBD, inhalation offers a few unique benefits, namely the speed at which it ‘hits’ your system. CBD from a preroll is quickly absorbed, saturating your blood, increasing the bioavailability of this wonderful compound, and potentiating it’s effects.

Yet, smoking CBD flower can be both inconvenient and burdensome, requiring a grinder, a steady supply of rolling papers, time, patience, and even a bit of skill to get it done right.

Oh the other hand, pre-rolls enable you to simply pull out a CBD joint and enjoy. Easy peasy.

What Types of CBD Pre Rolls are There?


Joints are the most common type of CBD pre roll, featuring a timeless iconic, slim design. Utilizing light rolling paper, and a perfect wrap, CBD joints are perfect for a short sesh or on the go smoking.


As the name implies, cones feature a cone-shaped design that tapers towards the end where you put your mouth and widens towards the tip. Featuring a ‘wick’ at the end for ease of lighting, CBD cones vary in size, offering the convenience of a joint, but with added intensity and a more fulfilling pull.


You don’t have to be a rapper to enjoy a good CBD blunt. Popularized among urban culture, blunts were quickly adapted by the masses as a new and innovative take on smoking hemp (and other herbs 😉). Conventional blunts are traditionally wrapped in tobacco leaves. CBD blunts feature hemp wraps filled with CBD flower, offering a robust and savory burn that can be easily enjoyed with friends.

What are The Best CBD Pre Rolls?

Before we take a look at some of our favorite products, let’s dig into what makes a good pre-roll…

Packaging:CBD flower, similar to bud and tobacco, can oxidize and become ‘stale’ if exposed to oxygen for too long. Look for packaging that is air-tight and/or vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness.

Appearance: Even with pre-rolls appearance matters. Presentation is always a fun aspect of any brand, and can subconsciously enhance the overall experience. From unique designs to artistic concepts and bold colors, it all starts with the packaging.

Quality of CBD Flower:No matter how good it looks, none of that matters if the product is made with sub-par CBD flower and hemp paper. You want to look for organically grown all-natural hemp sourced in the USA. Check for lab testing to verify and validate potency and purity.

Convenience: Some pre-rolls are easier to use than others. For example, many CBD pre-roll joints now come in packs reminiscent of cigarette packs, allowing you to easily pull one out and smoke on the go.

CBD Pre-Roll Brands and Products You Can Count On

Natural CBD Hempettes – Coming in packs of 20, each pre-roll offers a generous 70mg of CBD. Made from 100% all-natural hemp flower with a COA (Certificate of Analysis) lab report to prove it, you can’t go wrong with Natural CBD.

Sweet Cake Pre-Rolls – Revered for it’s sweet flavor and aroma, this indica offers a potent relaxing effect. Coming in packs of seven generously packed pre-rolls and made from 100% freshly ground buds.

LIT Natural and Cherry CBD Hemp –LIT is known for innovative, bright, in-your-face packaging that amps up the fun factor with their CBD products. At 13% CBD per hempette, each roll is packed with 100% natural hemp flower and certain to put you in a good headspace.

Plain Jane CBD Twax Joints – This unique take on CBD joints, takes the traditional CBD joint made from CBD hemp flower and then rolls it in both CBD distillate and high CBD kief. Oh, did we mention this delectable combo results in 35% CBD per pre-roll?

Plain Jane Menthol Hemp Pre-Rolls – Made from silky smooth hitting Oregon grown hemp, these pre-rolls contain a carefully selected blend of Sour Space Candy, Elektra and Lifter CBD hemp flower. Rolled with rice paper and incorporating a filtered tip, each hempette burns for around 5 minutes, offering a nice smooth ride from start to finish.

Green Lotus Hemp Pre-Rolls –Made from hand-trimmed Colorado hemp offering a unique combination of naturally occurring CBD and tantalizing terpenes, each pre-roll packs 700mg of cannabinoids. Made from a blend of Jubilee and Harmony hemp strains, Green Lotus offers a smooth, clean and relaxing draw. Other features: lab tested and available in two flavors.

Where Should I Buy CBD Pre Rolls?

We might be a bit biased, but that’s only because so much care and consideration go into the products we put on our digital store shelves.

At Hemper, each brand and product goes through rigorous vetting, evaluation and testing by industry professionals before it is deemed ‘worthy’ of being sold in our online shop.

As a leader in the online headshop and smoking accessories space, we are able to broker some of the best deals, passing along savings to our customers.

Each package is shipped with the utmost care for your privacy, in discreet packaging that doesn’t indicate what’s inside.

Lastly, we offer some of the best customer support you’ll ever find in the CBD, hemp and smoking accessories space.

As a customer-centric brand, we always put people before profit and do everything we can to make sure your experience with us and the products we carry is one that you’ll remember for all of the right reasons.

How Much Do CBD Pre Rolls Cost?

We all want a great deal, but what should you expect to pay for a high-quality CBD pre-roll? Well, that depends. Local shops likely push a smaller volume of product, so top brands may cost more. On the other hand, local shops also tend to carry a lot of “no-name” generic brands no one has heard of. While these might be comparatively cheaper, they usually use sub-par ingredients, fillers, or are improperly lab tested for purity, potency and residual toxic materials such as heavy metals or pesticides.

Online shops like Hemper push a lot of products and have standard vetting practices to validate quality and safety. We also have entire teams dedicated to negotiating the best rates on products to get our customers the best prices.

Other Factors that Can Impact Price:

  • Brand
  • Number of pre-rolls purchased (cheaper in bulk)
  • Size
  • Type
  • The concentration of CBD per pre-roll

In general, packs of pre-rolls can range from $12.99 per 20ct, up to $45 or so for a 5-pack of ultra-high quality blunts.

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How Do CBD Pre Rolls Make you Feel?

There has been a LOT of research into the potential health benefits of CBD. Although this research is ongoing, CBD has shown incredible promise as an overall aid for the wellness of body, mind and spirit.

If you’ve had CBD in the past, you can expect much of the same benefits from CBD pre-rolls, with the added benefit of CBD hitting faster due to the route of administration (i.e. via the lungs).

In general, CBD is often purported for its calming effect, putting users into a good headspace free from worry and stress.

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