Newport Torches

Newport Torch: An Insightful Ignition Brand

Newport Torch is an insightful ignition brand out of the UK founded back in the ’60s. Producing torches of extreme quality with almost no impurities in their butane is their obsession.

Quality Torch Production with Pure Butane

These torches can be used at any angle which is quite convenient, as your flame won’t be left gasping for air. Though easy to use Newport Torches feature child safety locks meaning if your little ones become too inquisitive, they won’t end up burning down the house.

Convenient Usage and Child Safety Features

Newport’s adjustable flame, quick refill design, and portability make these a constant companion when at home or on the go, and you’ll feel much better knowing that any butane inhaled is only of the purest sort.

Adjustable Flame, Quick Refill, and Portability

Reliable and Pure Butane Experience