K. Haring

K. Haring Glass is some of the most unique glassware on the planet! Founder and pop-art icon Keith Haring’s bold artwork shows beautifully on the variety of glass offered, such as bubblers, tasters, and catch-alls, just to name a few. 

Bright colors and bold design are thoughtfully utilized across K Haring Glass products resulting in an artsy look that resists being pretentious. Not only do the vibrant colors and patterns ensure these pieces stand out, but the message behind the art is rooted in peace culture with an intention to spread the message of love, equality, and compassion all across the world. All designs are lovingly hand-applied to each glass piece and are heat-resistant, so rest assured that your new art/bong piece will last for many years to come. That is the beauty of K Haring Glass: they simultaneously conquer both the functional and aesthetic requirements in the modern-day stoner household. Plus, they’re just plain fun. 

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K Haring Glass offers advanced technology within its product line. The dab rigs offer advanced water filtration through turbine percolators, which actually generate a moisturizing cyclone of water. For the simpleton: you get ultra-cool draws. The glass spoons on offer are crafted from borosilicate glass, providing excellent flavor profiles while being extremely lightweight and durable.

Just like us as people, K Haring Glass shows that complex and simple, technical, and analog, art and function can all live harmoniously together. On top of that, you get a fusion that can create an even more vibrant finale.