Headquartered in Canada, Arizer is a leading vaporizer company revered for engineering and developing some of the best vaping models in the industry. For over a decade they have pushed the bounds of innovation and performance with an unwavering commitment to providing customers with the best devices at prices that won’t break the bank.

Their focus matches their motto of “Better by Design”, having launched an ever-evolving line of impressive vaporizers that have earned them a place among the vaping enthusiasts and novice users alike.Their original designs engineered in-house have raised the bar, bringing a new era of production quality, performance and reliability to the market. 

Arizer devices utilize optimized convection heating, resulting in an impressive distribution of heat that produces potent vapor enriched with the active compounds of your dry herb and loose-leaf.  

The vaporizers are known for their ultra-portability, pure vapor production and high performance. Arizer’s product line has something for everyone, ranging from portable, discreet pens, to box vapes and even desktop models suitable for parties and social gatherings with friends.

Among their best-selling devices is the ArGo (focused on discretion and ultimate portability), the Extreme Q (remote-controlled hybrid powerhouse whip and balloon system), the Solo II (award-winning, powerful, hard-hitting portable device), the stylish and durable Air II, and more.