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What Are Delta 8 Moon Rocks and Asteroids?

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

IndaCloud Delta 8 Moon Rocks - Hemper

In recent years, cannabis consumption has taken many forms, including edibles, oils, and concentrates. But two products stand apart from the rest due to their extra potency - moon rocks and asteroids.

Delta 8 moon rocks and asteroids take traditional cannabinoid flower to the next level by covering it with Delta 8 distillate and rolling them in kief. This creates an extremely potent and long-lasting high that is perfect for truly seasoned stoners that want a bit of extra punch.

Are you looking for a new way to enjoy your next Delta 8 sesh? If so, you should keep an eye on moon rocks and asteroids. Today, we’ll be discussing what Delta 8 moon rocks and asteroids are, the differences between them, and the best ways for you to consume them.

Understanding Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 is a pretty well-known alternative cannabinoid today, but in case you have never tried it before, here’s a quick rundown:

Delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid that is found in the cannabis plant. It offers a very similar, but slightly less intense and more clear-headed high than the more well-known Delta 9 THC.

While Delta 8 is similar to Delta 9, the main difference is its legality. Because of the 2018 Farm Bill passed by Congress, Delta 8 has become unregulated at the federal level, making it easier to obtain across the United States.

Having said that, there are certain states with laws against the distribution of Delta 8, so be sure to check the regulations in your part of the country to see if it is legal to buy. You can also call a local head shop for clarification on Delta 8 and other cannabinoid laws, as these businesses have to frequently deal with these types of regulations.

What are Moon Rocks and Asteroids?

Moon rocks are made by taking a hemp nug, infusing it with Delta 8 oil, and then covering it in cannabinoid kief. This results in a far more potent product than traditional buds due to the combination of multiple mediums all consolidated into a single option.

Delta 8 moon rocks are very similar to traditional moon rocks, but the main difference being that they are made with Delta 8 THC oil and Delta 8 THC flowers instead of Delta 9 THC.

Asteroids are similar to moon rocks, but are usually smaller. Think of them as "mini-moon rocks".

As with moon rocks, asteroids are dipped in Delta 8 distillate. Then, a coating of CBD isolate is applied to add a bit of a mellow feel. Because of their similarities in how they’re made, asteroids and moon rocks both offer a uniquely powerful smoking experience and long-lasting high.

Why Might You Like Moon Rocks and Asteroids?

The high cannabinoid concentration in Delta 8 moon rocks and asteroids can lead to more potent effects than if you were to smoke normal Delta 8 flower. Due to the additional THC oil and kief, they provide a much stronger high that can last a few more hours.

Because of their unusually high potency, there is a potential for a strong psychoactive effect, especially if you’re new to smoking weed. We suggest starting with a small amount at first and waiting to see how it affects you before consuming more. Remember, while Delta 8 THC may be milder than traditional cannabis, it can still cause impairment and should not be used when driving or operating heavy machinery.

How to Use Delta 8 Moon Rocks and Asteroids

The two most common ways to consume Delta 8 moon rocks and asteroids is through smoking or vaping.

Before doing so, be sure to use a grinder or your hands to break up the moon rocks or asteroids in order to avoid damaging your vaporizer or pipe. This is because they’re thicker than normal buds and can cause clogs if they’re not properly ground up beforehand.

Another way to consume Delta 8 moon rocks and asteroids is by eating them (not raw though). If cooked and decarbed properly, they can be incorporated into edibles and consumed like you would any other cannabis-infused treat.

Get the Finest Delta 8 Moon Rocks and Asteroids

If you’re looking for an extra potent smoking experience to take your high to the next level, Delta 8 moon rocks and asteroids are a great choice. At Hemper, we offer the finest-quality Delta 8 moon rocks and asteroids, curated from the most reputable brands in the industry, which can give you an “out of this world” high with a slow burn that keeps the session going.

To learn more, shop our collection of cannabinoid goodies anytime or get in touch with us today to learn more.

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