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4 Smoking Accessories Every Smoker Needs, Part 1

by Angel Ferrer 5 min read

4 Smoking Accessories Every Smoker Needs, Part 1

Accessories For Smokers Part 1

Smoking cannabis (where legal) is one of life’s great pleasures, from its medicinal properties to its ability to boost creativity, enhance social experiences and lighten up the world around you, nothing beats that sticky green goodness.

But if you’ve just started using cannabis, chances are you’ve noticed it can be a bit more complicated, and potentially messier, than you had first expected it to be.

Rolling a joint is a whole process, taking practice and skill to get right.

Packing a pipe with ground herb is messy with bud ending up all over your coffee table.

Regular smoking can leave the house smelling faintly of weed all the time.

Your lighter tends to run out of fuel just as you’re about to get lit.

But fret not my friend. This guide will help you discover 4 “must have” smoking accessories to tackle all your problems and help make each session with your favorite herb one that is fully enjoyable and hassle-free.

Read on to learn more about our top picks for the four accessories every smoker needs, and if you enjoy this piece, continue on to “Part II” to find out about even more useful accessories you may want to add to your toolbox.

1. The Rolling Tray

Let’s talk about those pesky little cannabis crumbs that end up all over your house. Obviously they’re annoying, but did you also know they’re dangerous? If you have pets or kids, and they accidentally ingest these crumbs, it can cause serious harm.

But who wants to think about lugging out the vacuum after a high? No one. No one wants to think about that. In addition, it can be frustrating to see your expensive, boutique flower sprinkled all over the carpet.

Enter the rolling tray. Rolling trays act as a catch-all for your cannabis crumbs. If your “leftovers/crumbs” consist largely of unusable stems or other debris, simply carry your tray to the trash, dump out the unused material, and you’re done!

On the other hand, rolling trays can help you “recover” any small leftover herb that may still be useable in a bowl or sprinkled into your next joint. Even fine herb powder can be sprinkled into your next setup. No sense wasting good herb is there?

Best of all, you won’t need to worry about your pet’s health or that of children that may play in the area later, and you won’t have to fuss with vacuums or boring clean-up. Using a rolling tray reduces the mess and stress of an otherwise high point to your day (pun intended, no apologies).

Rolling trays keep your home clean, the area “drug-free” and safe, and your rolling routine simple. They come in many interesting designs and colors, too, so it’s easy to find one to fit your personality. Try a rolling tray. It’ll change your life.

2. Scent-Reducing Spray

“It’s pot, mom. The house smells like pot.” - Hopefully not you

Some stoners don’t mind the smell of cannabis perpetually in the air or absorbed into their furniture, carpet or curtains. While others can’t stand the scent or live with roommates who aren’t smokers. Some may even have allergies or asthma and lingering scents may irritate their throat or lungs. 

Whatever your situation, it’s a good idea to have a scent-reducing spray on-hand for masking the smell when needed, especially when having company over that might not be as “pro” weed as you are. 

While cheap candles are often utilized in an attempt to cover up the smell of marijuana, we’re sorry to say they don’t work well. Candles simply aren’t the up to the task for getting rid of lingering cannabis wafting in the air. Candles and other scented products tend to combine with the scent of marijuana, resulting in a flowery-citrusy mixture of smells. And it’s not appealing.

Others try to use five or six types of scented sprays to cover up multiple layers of scent. Not only will this not cover up the smell of cannabis, but it’ll overwhelm your visitors with a nauseating air freshener cocktail as soon as they walk in the door. It’s almost worse than using nothing at all. Remember that boy in gym class years ago that wouldn’t shower then try to mask the body odor with Axe body spray? Yeah, it’s like that. 

Instead, find an odor-eliminating air freshener or candle. Look for something that specializes in eliminating scent (especially cannabis’s unique scent) rather than covering it up. You may need to spray heavily if you’ve been smoking for a little while, but you won’t need to worry about finding multiple complementary scents. Odor-eliminating air fresheners designed to mask cannabis smells combine on a molecular level with cannabis aromatics to actually neutralize the smell, not just cover it up.

You, your pets, and your guests will thank you.

3. A Quality Lighter or Butane Torch

I know, I know: Your cheap lighter works just fine. That is, it works fine until you’ve survived a hair-raising day at work and desperately need a joint. Try your lighter then—we’ll guarantee it will run out of fuel exactly when you need it.

Not to mention cheap lighters are, well, cheap, both in price and in function. They break easily, run out of fuel, utilize harsh lighter fluid and don’t heat to optimal temperatures needed for many types of pipes, dab nails and other applications.

Benefits of upgrading to a better lighter or torch:

  • Reusable and refillable
  • Reliability you can count on
  • Cleaner fuel and burn
  • Better flame (size, often adjustable)
  • Hotter flame (may even be able to adjust temperature)
  • Stylish and customizable
  • And more…

4. Flexible Debowling Ashtray

You invested in a beautiful pipe, and you’re proud of it. You finish smoking and decide to clean out your bowl. Then, all of a sudden, you hear a crack—your debowling ashtray just broke your new pipe. NOOOOO! 

For some reason, debowling ashtrays aren’t necessarily created to care for a bowl. They’re rough, tough and hard. Because of this, they can often cause cracks and breaks if you drop or lay your bowl on them too hard (especially if it is either overly cold or hot).

Cannabis vendors have since developed silicone debowlers to overcome this problem. Silicone and other flexible debowlers quickly clean out a pipe without cracking the bowl. When you’ve invested in a brand-new pipe, this can be the difference between enjoying your pipe for years or just getting a few smoking sessions in before it breaks.

Closing Thoughts on the Top 4 Smoking Accessories you Need

A good smoke is sometimes the best way to end or start a day. Unfortunately, extensive cleanup, overwhelming scents, finicky lighters, and harsh de-bowling ashtrays can throw a wrench in your relaxation time.

By incorporating a few key accessories into the mix you can prevent or make these headaches virtually nonexistent, allowing you to enjoy your herb in peace.

We hope these smoking accessories take your cannabis experiences to new heights. With these tools, you’ll be able to truly forget about life’s cares for a few minutes of hemp heaven.

Need More Tips? Then we've got Part 2 where we’ll dive into the best accessories to give your stoner friends!