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Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer Review

by Angel Ferrer 5 min read

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer Review

Arizer Solo II Portable Vaporizer

Portable dry herb vaporizers are the future. If you love smoking cannabis flower but want to consume discreetly and in a considerably more healthy way than conventional methods, you may want to try one out for yourself. The latest release from the popular Canadian manufacturer Arizer is the Solo II unit that has an appealing design and upgraded digital features. 

As the name suggests, dry herb vapes are designed to heat unprocessed flowers. They do so by circulating hot air that gradually and evenly heats your cannabis, allowing the compounds within to evaporate into an easy to ingest vapor without combusting. The result? A clean vapor cloud that delivers a great experience with less harshness and more flavor.

The Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer is an excellent option for both beginner and novice dry herb vape users. This unit is an upgraded version of the original Arizer Solo that comes with a sleek design and advanced yet easy to use features. Let's dive in!

Design and Accessories: 

When first unboxing the unit, you'll notice that this is not a cheaply made base. It is a little bit heavy, yet compact. The material is smooth and sleek. The accessories are well made and aren't overly complicated. You'll find the following inside:

1 x Solo II Portable Micro-Heater (blue or carbon black available)

The portable micro-heater base is the perfect size for at home or on the go. It is durable, has a bright LED screen, a small control panel for navigating the menu, a heating chamber, and ports for charging. 

1 x Solo II Charger / Power Adapter

The unit only charges when attached to the power adapter (AC only, no USB) so be sure to let it charge overnight or whenever you're relaxing at home. You can use the unit while it charges. When fully charged, you should see around 3 hours of use before needing to plugin again.

2 x Solo II Glass Aroma Tubes 1x (90mm) and 1x (110mm)

Whichever tube you use is based entirely on preference. Whether the long or short one suits you better, the glass stem delivery method is a key feature of Arizer vapor products and provides an extremely nice flavor with every hit.

1 x Solo II Glass Aroma Dish

Used for potpourri / aromatherapy can be used to eliminate smell and has been known to relieve stress. 

1 x Solo II PVC Travel Tube w/Cap 1 x (90mm Size) 1 x (110mm Size) 

*PLUS 1 PVC Travel Tube w/Cap Aroma Dish Size

1 x Solo II Belt-Clip Carry Case

2 x Solo II Silicone Stem Caps

Each of these accessories are travel versions so you can bring your vaporizer on the road while keeping it safe and secure. 

4 x Solo II Stainless Steel Filter Screens 

If you ever have troubles with getting loose herb in your mouth (if you tend to grind your weed finely), these screens will save the day.

1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool

Use to stir your herb mid-session, or to clean out afterwards.

1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals

The atomic botanicals can be used in your Solo II Glass Aroma Dish for deeper relaxation and to help eliminate any smells.

1 x Solo II Owner's Manual

Your Solo II bible! We recommend reading this thoroughly once you receive your device and referring to it for any questions or troubleshooting. 

Specs and Features:

Once you've learned what each piece is and have your vaporizer assembled, you'll want to get to know its features. 

Glass Vaporpath Mouthpiece

We've mentioned it before, but it's worth mentioning again. The glass vapor tube is unique to Arizer products and offers a smooth and pure flavor that is usually lost by other dry herb vaporizers.

Easy to navigate LED menu for digital temp control

The display is bright and crisp, making it easy to read. 

Set session lengths

Within the LED menu, you'll find the option to set session lengths so that your seshes are consistent and your unit will automatically turn off at the programmed time limit. 

Audio alerts so you know when your unit is ready to use

No more having to wait and stare longingly at your vaporizer until it's fully heated. The alert will sound so you know when your unit is ready to use and when it is on and off. (You can also turn the audio alerts off if you aren't a fan.)


Ability to switch between settings depending on preference

LED Menu

The LED Menu is the biggest feature upgrade from the original Solo. It is clean and easy to read and comes with the following settings for your convenience:

  • Volume – Low/Medium/High/Off
  • Session Timer – 5 - 15 minutes (default setting is 10)
  • Temperature Measurement –Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Screen brightness – Low/Medium/High
  • Start-Up Timer – 4, 6, and 8 seconds.

  • How to Use The Arizer Solo 2

    Plug your unit in while you read through the instructions and learn more about the device. Once it's got a charge, you're almost ready to use it! First thing's first: Grind up your herb, but not too fine. 

    Take the stem size of your preference (110mm or 90mm). If you do happen to grind your herb too fine, you'll use one of the screens provided in the package prior to adding any bud by placing it against the stem's glass screen. Once secured, scoop cannabis into the stem, and plug it into the chamber. On the body of the unit, you'll find two buttons:

    An inside button and an outer circle which acts as an up down button. Hold both buttons down for 4 seconds to turn the unit on. It will not start heating automatically.  Use the buttons to determine the heating temp (between 50 – 220 degrees Celsius), as well as session time. Another push of the up/down button will activate the heating element. In about 20-30 seconds the chamber will be heated and ready to use. Inhale through the glass tube/stem.

    The unit is easy to clean and only requires a small amount of isopropyl alcohol with a Q-tip. 

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    Using a Arizer Solo II vs Portable Dab Rigs:

    The main difference between the Arizer Solo II and portable dab rigs is that the Arizer Solo II is a dry herb vape. It is affordable in price and is more compact in size in comparison to its popular portable rig counterparts. The great thing about dry herb vapes is that they pack a potent punch but without the harshness of a rig. Rigs are also much more difficult to clean and heat because they collect sticky residue from concentrates. Check out other Vape Pens.

    The Arizer Solo II is a great option for those looking for a quality dry herb vape that heats up quickly, delivers consistent results, and has an excellent manufacturer's warranty. We really dig the upgrades that were put into this unit, and we know you will too!