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Best Bong Accessories

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

Best Bong Accessories

Best Accessories for Your Bong

Since the early days of bamboo water pipes, the bong has been a staple of stoner culture for hundreds of years. Smokers that seek a cooler and smoother smoking sensation made the bong their weapon of choice. The nifty water pipes have become icons, developing distinct styles, types, and custom modifications.

One colossal advantage bongs have over other cannabis smoking methods is the ability to customize and enhance the smoking experience to your liking. They come in all shapes and sizes, from simple designs with a chamber and a bowl to intricate custom-blown glass masterpieces. Various attachments and accessories can further enhance the smoking experience, offer better diffusing and filtering, or simply turn up the style of your favorite bong.

We have prepared a list of the best bong accessories of all time, along with a short description of each and how they can improve your bong smoking experience. It is nearly impossible to list all the bong accessories that can make a difference, so we chose the most common ones that positively affect the smoking experience.


Grinders are the essential accessory that every stoner should have. They come in various shapes and sizes, including different blade sizes for a finer or rougher grind. Investing in a quality grinder that will remain sharp for years and provide ample room for grinding larger quantities of cannabis should be your priority.

Pay attention to the grinders' build quality and go for metal construction and high-quality blades to withstand daily use rigors. Avoid grinders that look like gimmicks or use materials like plastic.


What originated as a solution to keeping tobacco fresh on long transports, hydrostones are also making a splash in the cannabis industry. A good hydrostone can help you preserve cannabis's freshness while stored or even help rejuvenate dried-out material. Constructed from kiln-baked terracotta, hydrostones are very easy to use. All you have to do is wet them and put them into the container where you store cannabis.

They are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Hydrostones have excellent longevity and are 100% reusable. Keeping your stash fresh and ready-to-smoke has never been easier.

Ashcatchers and Percolators

Ashcatchers and percolators play an essential role in improving the smoking experience when using a bong. The primary function of an ashcatcher is to prevent the ash from burned cannabis in the ignition chamber to reach other parts of the bong, including the water chamber. They easily attach to most modern bongs to improve the smoking experience and increase the time between cleanings.

Percolators have a different role in filtering cannabis smoke and making it more mellow and smooth for inhaling. Most percolators are already a feature of the bong. They also can come as an attachment with added functionality and higher levels of filtering. Both accessories are essential if you want to find the perfect smoking experience for your taste.

Bong Carrying Bags/Backpacks

Carrying a bong around is certainly a huge source of stress for owners. Most bongs are quite fragile and require extra protection. Additionally, the water inside the bong can spill and ruin your luggage, not to mention the smell. Finally, carrying the bong around without any accessories or other smoking supplies is pointless.

All signs point to bongs needing a special type of carrying bag, case, or backpack. Several companies have thought about this and created carrying bags in different sizes. They protect your glass bong from breaking, ensure no leakage, minimize the spread of the smell, maintain your discretion and privacy, and fit all the necessary accessories and supplies you need to carry.

Quartz Bangers

One of the main selling points of owning a bong is that you can quickly transform it into a different smoking experience and extend its use and lifecycle. A great way to do this is by purchasing a quartz banger for your bong and turning it into a dab rig. Dabbing is becoming increasingly popular among stoners, especially those looking for an intense high that bong smoking cannot provide.

Bongs and dab rings share many of the same design features, except for the ignition chamber. A quartz banger enables you to use the bong as a dab rig by creating a place to ignite the wax or shatter. They are inexpensive and add more versatility to your bong.

Glass Bowl Attachments

Glass bowl attachments are among the most popular bong accessories on the market. They can be purely aesthetic and provide no functionality or include some unique features that can change the way you use your bong. The decorative attachments add a bit of style and help your bong stand out among other units.

Functional attachments can affect many aspects of the bong smoking experience, such as altering the airflow while smoking to increase the ignition chamber's size or improving the bong's overall grip.

Joint/Blunt Holders

There are times when having a bong at your side is not possible. Although bongs offer a more refined and customizable smoking experience, they can be too heavy and large to carry around. For those rare occasions, stoners usually turn to joints or blunts as the most popular methods of smoking cannabis. Unfortunately, smoking them can stain your fingers, leave a heavy odor, or just make it impossible to smoke the whole joint/blunt.

Joint or blunt holders are ideal for those situations. There is a wide variety of holders available, from those that perform this simple function to products that offer superior aesthetics and style.


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