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Can CBD Oil Help With PMS?

by Christy Coy 3 min read

Can CBD Oil Help With PMS?

Goodbye PMS, Hello CBD Oil!

Women of the world rejoice: we’ve found a safe and natural remedy for our monthly suffering! Most women personally know the nightmare that is our monthly menstrual cycles (otherwise known by some as Primal Monster Syndrome). One week a month for forty years of cramping, bloating, messy, expensive discomfort. While some ladies are lucky enough to only experience light symptoms or find relief through methods like birth control, others find themselves on expensive medications to help with their mood issues and pain. Unfortunately, many of these medications can be highly addictive or lead to other serious problems in the future.

What’s a girl to do? Enter Cannabidiol.

How CBD helps with PMS

This substance, generally shortened to CBD, is a cannabinoid derived from hemp— which, in turn, is derived fromcannabis sativa. Learn more about Cannabinoids in Medicine. Let me take this moment to assure you CBD won’t get you high, stoned, or whatever other term the internet is using these days. The active ingredient in marijuana, which is also fromcannabis sativa but modified during growth, THC. THC is what leads to enhanced feelings of relaxation usually associated with the term ‘cannabis.’ CBD, on the other hand, is non-addictive and non-psychoactive. Instead, it is highly medicinal and can ease pain, act as an anti-inflammatory, and reduce discomfort and anxiety. 

Learn the Difference: CBD vs. THC

Science Behind CBD

Each of these medicinal properties help address a specific concern. Uncomfortable bloating or squeezing muscle pain? CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties have you. Cramps, aches, pains, headaches? Not anymore with CBD’s pain relief! Your back and breasts will thank you. For the cherry on top, CBD also has a positive influence on your mood, so you can feel less anxious and irritable or straight-up weepy. And what about that awful, period-induced diarrhea? It’s caused by that uncomfortable inflammation and painful muscle cramps, so CBD kicks it to the curb! CBD can even be found in the form of pills, 

Sounds great, right? So, when can you start?

First off, you should always discuss any new treatment with your healthcare practitioner. More is not always better, and they’ll have a better understanding of proper dosage, quality sources, and any legal issues in your area— since, you know, cannabis controversies. You’ll want to be sure CBD is legal in your area. Once you’ve settled the details, you can discuss different options for application. CBD can also be found in the form of:

Option one is ingesting. Whether a few drops under your tongue or an amount to swallow, this is the most used treatment application. Other choices include infused bath salts and hemp massage oils. As cannabis is a growing market, more and more CBD treats are hitting the market with goodies like cacao nibs, gummy bears, and honeys. Some women like to go straight to the source, using CBD-infused vaginal suppositories. Whatever option you choose, it’s best to start CBD either right when your symptoms start or, if you’re able to reliably predict your period schedule, just before.

Wellness and CBD

Our periods don’t need to control us. Relief is out there! Whether you decide to soak away your symptoms or munch on some relieving goodies, CBD treatments offer an all-natural, effective, and safe remedy for our monthly mayhem. You can even gain athletic recovery using CBD. Check out our entire lineup of CBD products.