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Dabbing: High Temperature vs. Low Temperature

by Angel Ferrer 5 min read

Dabbing Low vs High Temperature

Should You Be Dabbing at High or Low Temps?

A significant number of cannabis users have transitioned or graduated from dry flowers to dabs, as their preferred method for consuming their favorite strains, and for good reason. 

Dabs offer a significantly more potent, flavorful hit irrespective of what variety of concentrate you use. Because of its potency, dabbing is often used by those that consumer herb for medicinal purposes such as pain relief. 

With increased use has come added confusion regarding dabbing, especially from those newer to this method of consumption. From finding the right dabbing apparatus, to understanding how dabbing temperature can impact their experience, newbies are left ripping their hair out trying to find unbiased answers to common questions.

In all fairness, even seasoned dabbers often are a bit fuzzy when it comes to the pros and cons of dabbing at a particular temperature. 

If you find yourself wondering about how temperature might affect the quality and the intensity of the smoke, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll cover the pros and cons of both high and low-temperature dabbing. Then, you can shop our rigs on sale.

In the end, we suggest you try both and experiment with different strains and concentrates to find the perfect combination for you and your goals.

Low Temp Dabbing basics

With low-temperature dabbing, the dab nail is heated to between 250 or 320 °F for cannabis extracts. And not more than 400 °F for CBD extracts as these boil at around 350 °F. 

Anything higher than that and you will risk burning off many of the natural terpenes in the concentrate. Keeping these temperatures within the ranges above will result in the preservation of those compounds that give cannabis its distinct flavor and aroma we all know and love. 

The ideal nail material for low temp dabbing is ceramic, however quartz is popular too. Although ceramic generally takes a longer heat up to the desired temperature, once you hit that sweet spot, it retains a consistent temperature for a short while after you take the heat source away. 

Simply fire up your butane torch, heat the nail until it turns red and starts to glow, take the heat source away, add the dab, flip the carb cap and smoke away. 

The Pros

  • Low-temperature dabbing provides a more flavorful experience as the plant terpenes are released at around 300 °F.  Terpenes have a very distinct flavor as compared to cannabinoids which can only be experienced with low-temperature dabs. 
  • The flavor is not overwhelming. The hit is smooth and typically lasts for a longer time because of the terpenes. This is perfect for beginners and just about anyone who prefers a longer lasting hit as opposed to a stronger and more intense one. 
  • There’s no risk of harmful chemicals being released due to the combustion. Chemicals like Benzene and Naphthalene are released at a much higher temperature. 
  • There is no throat stress. High temperatures always carry the risk of burning your throat and mouth if the vapor is too hot. 


    • Well, as much as you talk about the perks of low temp dabs, some people just don’t like the flavor. They find it too bland. There are others who complain that the vapor is too cold. Remember what we said about personal choices? 
    • Since the concentrate is heated slowly, it does not get evaporated completely which means that some residue will be left behind on the nail and in your smoking apparatus. More time spent cleaning. 
    • You will need to invest in a carb cap to prevent oil wastage as well as to help the nail retain heat for a longer time. 
    • The process is slow. It takes at least two to three minutes to heat, add the dab and inhale it. 

    High Temp Dabbing – The basics

    There’s a lot of debate about the perfect temperature setting for a high temp dab. Some users prefer to heart their nail to around 750 °F, whilst others raise it all the way to a scalding 1000 °F. 

    That’s pretty intense if you ask us. But hey, whatever works for you. 

    When it comes to high temp dabbing you will need to swap the ceramic for Titanium nails. They get heated faster and cool down equally as readily. The perfect apparatus for a quick blast of heat. 

    Fire up the torch at the medium or highest heat setting, wait until the nail gets hot (happens in seconds), remove the heat source, add the dab from your dab jar, it will instantly start to get vaporized, smoke away. 

    The pros

    • High-temperature dabbing results in a sudden rush that is incomparable to anything else. The flavor is extremely intense with a smoky, charred aftertaste. Proponents love the instant hit and wouldn’t settle for anything less. But be informed, the taste isn’t for everyone. 
    • All the wax on your nail will disappear as soon as it hits the piping hot titanium nail. That means that there will be very little of it left to clean. Very little of it will be wasted. 
    • You do not need a carb cap as the concentrate gets evaporated in seconds.  
    • You will get your hits sooner. The entire process doesn’t take more than a minute. If you are in a rush and can palate the intense flavor, then you can definitely give this a shot. 

    The cons

    • All the terpenes will be burnt at that temperature. But there’s a risk that you might also end up burning most of the THC and the CBD. 
    • Since blazer torches do not have a temperature control mechanism, you might end up scorching the dab accidentally and even damaging your rig if you aren’t careful with it. 
    • Benzene and Naphthalene are released at temperatures exceeding 700 and there is a serious risk that comes with inhaling toxic smoke. 
    • The hot smoke is harsh and is recommended only for people who have a fair amount of experience using hand pipes and chillums

    High or Low Temp Dabbing: which is right for you?

    In our personal opinion, high temperature dabbing has far too many risks to make the process worth any potential upside. And that’s what it all boils down to, doesn’t it? Enjoying the hits rather than getting your throat scorched. 

    However, we are all ears. We would love to hear a different perspective. What is your take on this? Are you a low temp dabber or do you prefer the high temp hits? Be sure to check out our collection of the best dab rigs.