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Discreet Smoking Pipes

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read


Secret Smoking Pipes

Discreet secret smoking pipescome in handy when you don’t want to advertise that you’re smoking. Legalization is creeping around the country, but it’s taking its time in some states. Even in those states where it is legal, discreet options are better for sparking up without an audience. 

Over the years, stoners have found many ways to get a hit without attracting attention. There are times when it’s not sensible for you to have a bong or banger. Even when you’re legal age, if your parents find it, you might be in for a stern lecture. 

Blunts are an alternative, but they’re also time-consuming to roll, unless you choose to use a glass blunt. If you’d rather spend that time enjoying a buzz, these ideas might provide a spark of inspiration and help you keep it stealthy while toking.

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To the uninitiated, the Sneakatoke looks like some type of car lighter or garden hose attachment. Made from rubber and metal, Sneakatoke is about the size of a car lighter. It’s easy to conceal and perfect for a quick hit.

Just load the inner chamber with a screen and some bud. Then screw the cap on tightly. When you’re ready to take a hit, light up discreetly. 

The downside is that you must make it count. You’ve only got enough space in the chamber for one load. 

Metal Cigarette  

Use this one hitter if you want to get away with smoking in front of someone. You’ll need to stand downwind so that people nearby don’t get a whiff of that sweet smell. From a distance, however, it’ll look like you’re smoking a cigarette.

This cult classic was a favorite for many kids at school that didn’t want their friends to lecture them about smoking pot. Metal cigarettes are also a one-hit-wonder, so save it for a special occasion, or keep some weed with you. 

Goody Donut Hand Pipe

At first glance, this pipe looks like a cute little toy. Those that don’t know any better will assume it’s a sweet little trinket. Look a bit closer, and you’ll see that it's a small glass bowl on the underside. 

Keep this piece with you if you want something small just for a hit or two. If you're looking for other designs, shop our One Hitter collection

Car Alarm Pipe

The person who came up with this idea of a one hitter is some type of evil genius. We’ll thank them for this design for a long time. The case looks exactly like the remote for a car alarm. 

There’s no way for anyone to bust you with this device unless they know what they’re looking at. To access the metal pipe, tug at the ring. It’ll come out quickly, allowing you to light up. 

Flashlight Option

The flashlight pipe is another classic. It looks like a small flashlight, and it’ll fit into your pocket. The metal casing protects the glass, making it one of the safest options to transport. 

Most pocket models are one-hitters and about three inches long. You might occasionally find a bigger model for when you require more of a kick. 

Bracelet Pipe

If you’re heading off to the Burning Man Festival, pack the right set of jewelry. To the innocent observer, it looks like a woven paracord bracelet. 

The genius of the design is that the metal clasp on one side is the bowl. With the clasp closed, it’s a piece of jewelry that you can wet or get dirty. Unscrew the clasp, and you’ve got a bowl with a built-in screen. 

Metal Twister Spring Pipe

The metal twister spring pipe looks like a simple bicycle lock. It’s simple to hide and opens up to become a pipe with a built-in screen. It consists of three parts that detach easily for cleaning. 

You’ll be able to light up without anyone realizing it with this design. 

Magnet Bowl

There’s something about this model that makes you feel like a kid with their first magic trick. To the casual observer, it looks like a set of magnets. It’s not much bigger than a kid’s building block, but don’t let that put you off. 

When you fold it out, you’ll be delighted to find a reasonably deep bowl. The stepped shape takes some getting used to, but as stealth options go, this is one of the best. 

Lipstick Bowl

Need to touch up your makeup and calm down a little? Head off to the bathroom with your trusty lipstick bowl. 

Remove the bottom to reveal the bowl. Load it up before you leave home, and you’re ready to go. Just take off the cap, and you have a small pipe. Anyone watching you would think you’re applying lipstick. 

Car Lighter Pipe

This pipe is another invention by our evil genius. Not only does it look exactly like a standard car lighter, but it fits into the hole in your dashboard. You can even drop your nosy neighbor off at the store without them cottoning on. 

Spark Plug Model

Sticking with the car theme, the spark plug pipe passes as the real thing. Throw it in your toolbox with a few others, and you might confuse it with an actual spark plug. 

A Dugout Pipe

These beauties are about the size of a deck of playing cards. They come in a range of colors and finishes allowing you to express your style. If someone finds one lying around, they’ll think it’s a simple wooden box. 

The Mushroom Keychain Pipe

These look like some modern interpretations of a mushroom. They’re metal and available in several colors, so they slip right under the radar. You’ll be the only one knowing the mushroom cap folds out to become the bowl. 

The Sunglasses Model

This pair of sunglasses looks like any other. We’re not sure if it has good UV-protection, but the hidden bowl in the arm means it has good vibes. 

Looking for Some Discreet Secret Smoking Pipes? 

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