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E Rigs for Dabs: Why You'll Love Them

by Angel Ferrer 3 min read

E Rigs for Dabs: Why You'll Love Them

While we love the experience and sensation that comes with dabbing with a glass rig, we can't deny that it can be quite inconvenient at times. With all the materials needed to enjoy a dabbing sesh, such as a torch and often fragile rig, it's an activity that many prefer to leave at home.

Luckily, there’s an easier way to dab on the go without sacrificing any of the taste or potency.

By using an eRig for dabbing, you can solve many of these inconveniences and still enjoy a quality hit from your favorite concentrate. Today, we'll be doing a full rundown on eRigs including how they function and the benefits of using one. If you’re on the fence about if they might be the right choice for you, take a look below.

How Does an eRig work?

An eRig works similarly to a standard rig in the sense that it allows you to consume heated up cannabis concentrate. Having said that, the way that it converts the concentrate into an inhalable medium is very different.

With a standard rig, the concentrate has to be heated with a torch under extreme temperatures to produce the smoke that you're looking for.

With an eRig like the Puffco Peak Smart, all you have to do is simply remove a small amount of concentrate from its container using a dab tool and place it in the bowl or other receptacle. From there, it is heated in the device, you place a carb cap over the opening, and take a hit (removing the carb cap as you hit it for the best possible hit).

Even if there is no torch involved, parts of the eRig still get extremely hot when they’re being used. Make sure that you only handle it on parts of the rig that the manufacturer recommends to avoid burning yourself.

As another option, you can also use a dab straw which allows you to take small hits from an even smaller device than an eRig for portable dabs on the go. The Dabtech Daborizer is a great example of a super compact and discreet eRig that still packs a whole lot of punch.

There are also hybrid E-nails that can be used as a standalone vaporizer or as a rig converter in a glass piece. Check out the Kandypens Session E-nail if you’re interested in a powerful and flexible device that gives you the best of both worlds.

Benefits of an eRig

Compact and Portable

As opposed to a traditional dab rig, eRigs are great for dabbing on the go. Instead of having to carry around a fragile and lunky glass rig, eRigs allow you to comfortably and discreetly consume your favorite dab concentrates wherever you are without having to worry about an unfortunate drop.

No Handling Heat Tools

Many potential or rookie dab users have trepidations when it comes to handling torches as part of the heating and smoking process. eRigs eliminate the need for torches by heating the concentrate inside the device. They also provide the benefit of heating up in a matter of just a few seconds compared to the multiple minutes that full dab rigs can take.

Adjustable Temperatures

With an eRig, adjusting the temperature can be as easy as pressing a button. This allows you to easily control how big and strong of a hit you want. For bigger hits, you’ll want to heat up the device more than if you were taking a smaller hit.

Smooth, Consistent, and Flavorful Hits

There’s no guessing game when it comes to the hit you’ll get out of an eRig. With the right device, each hit you take will be packed with flavor, without burning your throat and lungs in the way that a traditional dab rig can.

Easy to Maintain, Replaceable Atomizer Coils

While eRigs do require a level of maintenance, they completely eliminate the need to spend hours soaking your glass in salt and alcohol. Many eRigs will even come with the necessary tools to clean your device, such as a small brush. If the atomizer coils ever burn out, it’s easy to find quality replacements for not too much money.

Get An eRig for Your Next Dabbing Sesh

If you’ve decided to move on from traditional dab rigs or you want to double up for an option on the go, eRigs are the perfect piece to add to your collection. For a wide variety of quality eRigs, check out our selection today.