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Excitement is Stacking Up for the Totem Vaporizer

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

Excitement is Stacking Up for the Totem Vaporizer

Powerful & Portable Smoke: The Totem Vaporizer

Vaping is a fun, convenient and powerful way to enjoy your favorite herb. While the technology has been around for over a decade, it is only within the last few years that the market really started to heat up (pun intended).

This rise in popularity has brought with it a myriad of technological advancements in the industry, with manufacturers now pushing the envelope of what was possible in order to provide superior vaping experiences never before heard of.

The Totem Vaporizer – a “next generation” device

The Totem vaporizer is set to change the game of vaping.

Its waterproof, shock-proof body is (shockingly) not the main reason it’s building hype in the vaping world: its unique stackable chambers have caught vapers’ attention.

The Totem’s stacking feature introduces a new set of perks to the vaporizing market. If you’re ready to experience a new level of vaping, keep reading! We’re about to give you the truth about the Totem—hit quality, stackable chamber features and all:

Precise Temperature Control

Possibly the most important part of a vaporizer, the temperature and heat settings control the quality of a vape. Cannabis’s various flavors and compounds activate at different temperatures. Certain blends and products must be vaped at higher temperatures to fully enjoy their flavors, while others should be vaped at lower settings to gain better health benefits.

User-Friendly Settings

Many vaporizers offer 1-3 modes, with the occasional high-end model boasting advanced temperature control. The Totem provides four temperature settings. This gives it great flexibility for all your favorite blends without too much complexity.

The Totem’s temperature settings are:

  • Blue: 356° F (180° C)
  • Purple: 374° F (190° C)
  • Orange: 392° F (200° C)
  • Red: 400° F (210° C)

Duel Heating Methodology

Totem’s manufacturers claim to use both convection and conduction heating methods for a smoother, richer hit. However, it’s difficult to tell whether this combination makes much of a difference. The first few hits from a Totem are always incredibly bold and colorful, but after a few breaths, they’re similar to other vaporizers’ experiences.

Durable and Reliable

The Totem was created for people who need a vape that will withstand anything. Drop it on the concrete? It’s fine. Forget it in your pocket and run it through the washer? It’s fine. Spill your pop all over it? It’ll be sticky, but after a good cleaning, it’ll work. The Totem was built to withstand shock and resist water damage, which goes beyond many expensive vaporizers currently on the market.

Note: We don’t recommend you try each of the above tests personally.

Unique Ability to Stack

Totem’s stacking feature is arguably its most unique selling point. When you purchase two totem vaporizers, you can use them together in a variety of ways to enhance your cannabis experience.

Double up

Just fill and stack two Totem vaporizers for a heightened experience. You’ll quickly find yourself enjoying doubly-strong hits of your favorite cannabis blends.

Cool down

If you’d like cooler hits, connect an empty Totem chamber to your main Totem. The vapor’s extended journey will ensure a soothing, cool experience.


Are you the creative type? You’re not alone. The makers of Totem wanted to encourage creative cannabis consumers. As a result, cannabis blending is part of the stackable system. Add one flavor to one vaporizer, then a different flavor to your other vaporizer. Stack them and take a hit—and decide whether or not you like the result.

The best part? For blending experiments with Totem’s stackable components, you don’t need to physically mix your cannabis types. Undoing a bad mix is as easy as unstacking your vaporizers.

Sharing is Caring

Many of us enjoy vaping with friends. To share your favorite cannabis blend, just connect your vaporizer with another Totem vaporizer with the mouthpieces facing opposite each other. You’ll puff each vape from your own mouthpiece—but experience the same cannabis journey.

Ergonomic Design

It’s obvious: This vaporizer was designed to show off.  It’s not a pen vape meant to hide in a pocket all day. From its not-so-tiny construction to its glaring branding, the Totem is a trophy of a proud cannabis enthusiast. If you’re hoping to hide your herb habit, it may not be the vaporizer for you. But if you’re looking for a standout piece to impress your friends—you’ve found it.

The Totem fits conveniently inside a purse or a large pocket, making it extremely portable. It won’t fit smaller pockets or clutches easily, but that’s not a problem for most cannabis users.

Easy Cleaning

As long as you’re familiar with vaporizer hygiene already, cleaning the Totem isn’t too difficult. Dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol, run it along the inside, and swipe it across the mouthpiece for a finishing touch. Cleaning your vaporizer is key to keeping flavors fresh and functions operational. If you’re in the market for a new vaporizer, make sure you purchase one (like the Totem) that simplifies cleaning.

One downside of the Totem is its propensity to attract dust. Its outer body is made of silicone, which makes it a magnet for any small particles in its surroundings (dust, crumbs, etc.). Regular cleaning solves this issue, but it can still annoy some customers.

Closing Thoughts About the Totem Vaporizer

If you’re in the market for a new way to experience marijuana, pick up a Totem. It offers fantastic temperature control, impressive design, and innovative features sure to wow your friends.

The Totem isn’t for everyone—those wanting a pocket-sized or single-temperature vape probably won’t appreciate the Totem’s distinctive qualities. However, for those interested in a high-quality shared vaping experience, the Totem is the vaporizer you need.