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G Pen Connect Review

by Christy Coy 4 min read

G Pen Connect Review

Reviewing the G Pen Connect Vaporizer

Dabbing solvent-based cannabis extracts is a popular but tedious process that many individuals love to partake in. Traditionally, to smoke dabs, one would need a blow torch to heat their nail or smoke device. This process can be dangerous for those who are accident-prone. 

Many people have burned themselves while dabbing, either while using the torch or afterward by accidentally touching the nail or the torch's nozzle after using it. Hot torches can also burn carpet, furniture, and other surfaces and are nowhere near user friendly.

Fortunately, the G Pen Connect is an excellent solution for those interested in smoking dabs without needing a torch. The G Pen Connect can be described as somewhere between an e-rig and a dab rig, a perfect attachment for anyone who owns a water piece. We also carry the special edition G Pen Connect Cookies Vaporizer.

Dab comfortably without the need for extra pieces and tools that are dangerous and costly. The G Pen Connect is a unique attachment, made for functionality and ease, and perfect for single users or group smoke sessions.

G Pen Connect Design and Accessories

The G Pen Connect features a visually pleasing design – although it is better suited for a piece of glass that is larger or heavy enough to support its shape and size. Compact and durable, it is rapid and easy to assemble.

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The following pieces and accessories are included with the purchase:

  • Travel Case
  • G Pen Connect Battery (850 mAh)
  • G Pen Connect Housing 
  • 14 mm Water Pipe Adapter
  • Micro USB Charging Cable 

The G Pen Connect utilizes the ceramic heating system through reverse airflow technology, which heats concentrates to the perfect temperature. This technology was designed to ensure the smoothest and tastiest dab each time it is used.

How to Use the G Pen Connect

Designed with ease of use in mind, those who are new to smoking concentrates and those who are veterans to dabbing alike will find the G Pen Connect is a truly convenient option for smoking concentrates without fiddling with torches or hot nails.

After unboxing the G Pen Connect, rotate the glass connector on the bottom of the device and insert it into the desired glass smoking piece. Load the dab into the ceramic bowl and replace the cap. Attach the battery onto the connection point and press the button five times to turn it on.

Select the desired voltage by pressing the button three times. Ready to smoke? Press the button two more times to start the automatic heating setting. If you prefer to control your G Pen Connect manually, you can also hold down the button for up to 15 seconds per inhale.

After heating – press down the carb release button to create an increase in airflow and optimize the flavor of your hit. No need to worry about dealing with a carb cap or dabbing tool as you inhale.

G-Pen Connect Full Specs

Visually pleasing and easy to use, the G Pen Connect is also ‘customizable’ in that it can be quickly attached and detached from different glass pieces. There are 10- and 18-mm adapters available, quickly turning any part you may already have into a fully functioning dab rig.

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The battery included is long-lasting, with an impressive ability to withstand at least ten smoking sessions on a single charge. Smokers can heavily use it for a couple of days without it needing to be continuously plugged in. Red indicates it is not fully charged, and green indicates a full charge.

Users can alternate between three different voltage settings depending on the type of concentrate the user intends on smoking. The lowest is blue (3.1), green a little warmer (3.6), and red at the hottest possible setting (4.1).

The ability to control the voltage gives the user much control over the taste of each hit. Smoking in the blue or green settings are most likely to bring out the best flavor in the concentrate. However, the red setting is perfect for a larger hit.

One thing to remember about the G Pen Connect is that the bowl is made from a ceramic material. Because it is made from this material, the user must make sure that it is taken apart and cleaned often to keep getting flavorful hits. If the bowl isn't cleaned, it may start to taste burnt and harsh.

G-Pen Connect Vs. Other Portable Dab Rigs

The G-Pen Connect is an excellent option for stationary dabbing – and although compact and easily portable, it may not be the best piece for smoking while on the go. This is because you will still need to use a glass piece while being cautious not to tip it over with the G-Pen Connect attached.

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One benefit of using the G-Pen Connect in comparison to other portable smoking devices is that it provides a more powerful hit without manually pressing a button the entire time the user is inhaling.

Convenient in that users can attach it to any piece they already have – anyone who collects glass can instantly turn each piece in their collection into a dab rig without much effort. Although it is not entirely discreet, it does save the extra need to carry around a torch and carb cap.


The G Pen Connect is the perfect piece for those transitioning into dabbing, who may already have a glass smoking piece available. It is more user friendly than many other e-rigs, which can be overwhelming and complicated for those who aren't as familiar with smoking concentrate vapes.

With three different voltage settings – it allows the user for ultimate customization. This feature is critical to its high performance, bringing out the best flavor in a wide variety of concentrate consistencies. Shatter, wax, and sauce are all perfect options for this piece. Learn How to use

Although it might not be the best for dabbing in the car or taking on the go, the G Pen Connect is wildly more convenient than the traditional dab rig. Feel free to toss the torch and butane—it’s unlikely you’ll be using them again after trying out the G Pen Connect.