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Grab a Bong For Less Than $100 Here

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

Grab a Bong For Less Than $100 Here

Bongs for Under $100: Why You Need One

Water pipes and glass bongs have come a long way in their overall evolution. From simple utilitarian concepts to innovative pieces of art and smoking technology.

Today’s bongs are fitted with many different features in order to expand the smoke’s surface area against the water, and other features that improve performance and the user’s experience. Now, smokers can enjoy the delicious flavors of their herb without that uncomfortable hot inhale with joints or dry pipes.

The latest bongs are all designed for comfort as well as flavor and performance. Read on to get the inside scoop on some of our favorite bongs under $100.

The Best Bongs for Under $100

  • Hemper Sphere Base Bong: The Hemper Sphere Base Bong is the perfect size for your mantle and is also a great functional bong. It features a matching and removable bowl/downstem. This bong is a great mix of both style and function. The Hemper Sphere Base Bong retails for $19.99, making this a highly affordable addition to your collection.

  • Hemper Matrix Cube Bong: The Matrix Cube bong features two percolators. The smoke stacks up to the second chamber for added diffusion through a 360-degree Matrix styled percolator. As an added bonus, there is also an ice catcher to cool down the smoke even further. This straight-neck, dual-percolation bong will satisfy every time because of its multiple sources of diffusion. The Hemper Matrix Cube Bong retails for $79.99.

  • Hemper Eggshell Bong: The Eggshell Bong from Hemper is a very straightforward waterpipe. It has a boiler dome top and a basic 4-slit diffuser downstem. This bong has immense percolation potential and will consistently give the user rich rips without any splash back issues. Splash back issues will definitely become a thing of the past if you add the 45-degree angle mouthpiece and downstem. The Hemper Eggshell Bong retails for $24.99.

  • Hemper Flavor Saver Rig: This versatile rig is amazing at preserving the flavor of all of your concentrates. Its compact design lets cuts down on the mixing of your vapors with the air so you will have some of the most flavorful and potent smokes ever. This bent neck micro oil rig is the best bong for those who love smaller rigs. The diffuser provides users with just the right amount of percolation, while the bent neck acts as a built-in splash guard. The Hemper Flavor Saver Rig retails for $29.99

  • Hemper Crystal Twist Bong: This bong is both thick and twisted. The Hemper Crystal Twist Bong is made from the thickest glass out there. The twisted shape feels good in the hands and also features a removable 14mm downstem with a 6-slit diffused percolator, making it one of the best beaker-style bongs on the market today. The bong provides plenty of diffusion for flower while keeping the smoke clean and steadily flowing. The Hemper Crystal Twist Bong retails for $79.99.
  • OTG Straight Neck Micro Bong: The OTG Straight Neck Micro Bong is constructed out of lightweight 6” glass and is perfect for the smoker who is on the go. It also comes with a flower bowl. The OTG Straight Neck Micro Bong retails for $29.99.

  • Hemper Drippy Trippy Bong: This is one of Hemper’s latest bongs! The Drippy Trippy Bong features a unique multi-colored swirl percolator and splash guard. This bong is the perfect combination of form and function. The base-mounted percolator thoroughly washes the smoke and vapor while preventing any funky water from splashing up while you use it. This bong is great for both concentrates and flowers. The Hemper Drippy Trippy Bong retails for $69.99.

  • Hemper Luxe Hourglass Bong: This bong is sleek, sophisticated, smooth, and elegant. The clean design of the straight neck and the amazing conical showerhead perc create an interesting silhouette that filters even the harshest smoke into cool hits. The showerhead perc mimics the shape of the outer chamber for maximum diffusion with little to no splash back. Directly above the chamber is a stylish splashguard designed with vibrantly colored glass. It also has a stacked neck and mouthpiece. The Hemper Luxe Hourglass Bong retails for $84.99.

  • Hemper Green Dream Inline Bong: The Hemper Green Dream Bong features an inline to circ percolator combo that will smooth out even the harshest smoke. The double chamber and two different types of percolators diffuses smoke into small bubbles, giving smoke its first wash. The bubbles are next broken up again for yet another cooling cleansing through the 360 circ perc that gives smoke a second bath in cooling water. Lastly, the double washed vapor passes up through the angled neck, keeping the funky water out of your mouth and the smooth smoke ready for intake. The Hemper Green Dream Inline Bong retails for $59.99.

Why Use Bongs Over Other Smoking Options?

Bongs have been used for centuries and are steadily rising in popularity. The newest bongs out there offer smokers an advanced filtration system that makes smoking a wonderfully enjoyable experience.

The main reason that bongs, especially bongs that are under $100, are often a preferred choice among both regular and occasional smokers alike, is that their filtration systems are far superior to any other types of smoking options.

Those who smoke rolled joints or regular glass pipes run the risk of inhaling ash or tar. Glass bongs are the better option for avid smokers because ash gets trapped in the water, which ultimately prevents it from getting into your mouth. Bongs also trap and filter out other harmful carcinogens and toxins from dry herbs that would normally be inhaled through a traditional smoking pipe.

The water filtration system in bongs further helps to cool down the smoke before it is inhaled, meaning your lungs, throat, and mouth will not be as irritated as they would from smoking a pipe. Whatever your reason for smoking a glass bong, know that you are doing your body a favor while kicking up the coolness factor of your smoking ritual. We've also got some cool bongs on sale here.

Find the Best Bongs Under $100 at Hemper!

At Hemper we know a thing or two about a good bong and saving a buck. Our expert curators stock our digital shelves with only the best, battle-tested bongs that provide an exceptional experience for our customers. Shop around today and find the perfect addition to your collection!