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Hemper vs. Daily High Club

by Christy Coy 4 min read

Hemper vs. Daily High Club

Hemper Vs. Daily High Club

Is there anything as satisfying as unboxing something you ordered online? What about the rush of finding a carefully curated selection of new goodies for you to try? Weed subscription boxes provide you with a convenient way to improve your experience. 

But with the range of options out there, where do you start? In this post, we’re discussing the ultimate showdown -- Hemper vs. Daily High Club. 

We’ve done extensive research to rate the boxes on: 

  • Content: Do they provide items you need and will use? While it’s fun to get the latest glass pipes and bongs, it’s also vital to get consumables. For example, you’ll need lighters, rolling papers, and cleaning supplies.
  • Value for Money: The idea of using a subscription service is that it will cost less than buying the items individually. Companies may use samples from manufacturers, excess stock, or bulk-bought items to improve the box’s value.  
  • The Number of Fillers: Getting a fun branded mug is only useful up to a point. Some companies add many cheap accessories such as lanyards, pens, and stickers to make it seem like the boxes are full. They add little value.  
  • The Quality: Reputable companies offer boxes at different price points. The quality of the items must match the cost. Don’t be blinded by a package stuffed with cheap knockoffs. Instead, hold out for good products.  

Hemper vs. Daily High Club: The Ultimate Showdown


Hemper has always been a brand that stands behind its clients. It’s provided quality products long before the CBD fashion hit and has always been a trendsetter. The brand spends much energy meeting the needs of its clients. Recently, they've also started carrying a wide variety of vape pens.

This company is able to provide outstanding value in its boxes because its people understand their market. The company is creative in sourcing items. It will partner with manufacturers to allow its clients to sample the best new products at reasonable prices. 

More established brands tend to negotiate bulk-buying discounts to ensure that the client gets better value.

If you’re looking for smoking accessories that you literally won’t find anywhere else, Hemper may be the right choice. 

Hemper has three subscription box options.

The Hemper Core Box

At $9.99 per month, this is an outstanding value for the money. You get six essential items in every package. It’s perfect for the light user who indulges occasionally. You’ll get:

This package blows the Daily High Club’s “All Natural” option out of the water. With Hemper, you get far better value with king-size rolling papers, a quality lighter, and other smoking accessories. 

With “All Natural,” in contrast, you only get four items and no mystery gifts.

The Hemper Pack

$21.99 per month gets you a minimum of seven items. The package contents are worth at least $35 if bought separately, so you get to spend more money on bud.

The package is ideal for the more adventurous user. You get a combination of daily essentials such as rolling papers, lighters, and wicks, but it’s the mystery items that make it fun. 

You get to try some of the latest products at this level, thanks to collaborations with suppliers. If you missed out on any of the great boxes in the past, you get a second chance here. You might get anything from pipes to glass ashtrays.

In comparison, the Daily High Club’s mid-range product, “The Connoisseur,” is difficult to compare. The company’s promotional material is not transparent on what you’ll get beyond saying that it’s “your daily smoking essentials.”

The product range seems closer to Hemper’s Core box. If you prefer a better quality experience, the Hemper Pack provides more than just consumables. 

The Hemper Box

If you’d like to up the ante, the premium option costs just $39.99 a month. With a value of $100+, it’s a great way to build your collection. 

Each box comes with a range of essential accessories and rigs that matches the month. October’s offering, for example, is Halloween-themed. The value of the first two items on the list, the Hemper Ghost Rig and Carb Cap, already exceeds the box’s cost.

All of the other goodies are just gravy. 

The “El Primo” box from Daily High Club seems relatively anemic in comparison. The company claims to cut out gimmicks and fancy packaging. It’s not very clear about what you’ll get other than saying you’ll get “a new glass for your mantle.”

Such vagueness tends to make us wonder what Daily High Club is hiding. 

Daily High Club

Daily High Club started in 2015. Since then, the brand has built up a decent following but has received criticism over the years for not always heeding client feedback. However, this seems to be improving.

The company also offers three options for subscription boxes at affordable rates. The prices are lower than with Hemper, but the content of the packages is a little disappointing. Daily High Club doesn’t go into as much detail as Hemper does about contents. 

All Natural

At $1 a month, you can’t expect much. You receive enough supplies for one smoke a day and get four products: 

  • Filter tips
  • Matchbooks
  • Wicks 
  • Standard rolling papers 


Another budget-beater at $9.99, you’ll get between seven and nine products. You get cleaning supplies in addition to the essentials, but no pipes or rigs. 

El Primo

The price, at $29.99 a month, seems right. You’ll receive:

  • Essentials
  • Cleaning supplies
  • New rigs

Overall, Daily High Club has some nice options for the casual smoker. To say that they cater to the connoisseur is a bit of a stretch, however. 

The Final Countdown: Hemper vs. Daily High Club

Hemper is the clear winner in this showdown. Daily High Club tries hard, but it’s no match for the heavyweight title. Its prices seem affordable at first glance but are high for what you get. Be sure to also check out Hemper's Online Smoke Shop.

Hemper’s flexibility, however, delivers the final knockout blow. With Hemper, you choose how often you wish to receive your subscription. Opt for one a month, every quarter, or every six months. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Please don’t take our word for it. Head over toHemper and explore its great deals for yourself.