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How to Refill Your Vape Pen

by Christy Coy 5 min read


Vape Pen Refill Method

In recent years, the use of vape pens for everything from concentrates to dry herbs has skyrocketed in popularity. Yet, for many new users, little information is provided on how to properly refill your vape pen.

Knowing how to properly refill a vape pen is a necessary skill when it comes to mastering the art of vaping. It can increase the durability of your device, reduce waste, eliminate spillage and optimize your experience.

The process of refilling your pen depends on what type of concentrate that you use. This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of properly filling your pen no matter what type of material you prefer to use.

But before we get into specifics, let’s take a look at some refilling advice that applies your pen no matter what type you use.


  • Prevent Spills – In order to prevent spilling your concentrate, be sure to use the tools that your vape pen requires. It’s always a good idea to carry around a small kit or case that is easily accessible and easy to store. 
  • Don’t rush — taking your time is important, especially because concentrates can get pricey. 
  • Avoid overfilling your device - Overpacking your device will cause it to have to work harder than necessary which results in clogging and also burning out.
  • Make sure that the room or area is well-lit and bright enough to see everything you’re doing 
  • To prevent your pen from leaking, make sure that your device is tightly sealed after each refill. 
  • Even top-notch vape pens are not dirt-proof, so it is imperative that you clean your device each time before refilling it! Skipping the cleaning process will result in a buildup of concentrates and concentrate buildups are sticky. This stickiness collects dirt and grime that end up clogging your device’s airway.
  • Speaking of cleaning your device, be sure that you know how to clean yours properly as vape pens are electronic, and can be damaged easily. 


Now that we’ve covered the basics and you’re up to speed on general tips, let’s get into specifics. It may be easier to buy disposable cartridges, but most pro vapers choose to refill their device themselves as refillable cartridges can save you big over the long run. It might take a little practice to get right, but once you’ve got the process down, filling your own carts is a pretty simple process.


Liquid concentrates include oils, e-juices, and vape juices and are the easiest type of concentrate to refill. In all cases you should follow any included instructions from the manufacturer of your device. That said, the following provides a good overview on refiling liquids even absent of any other instructions.

The first step in refilling this vape is to simply hold the body of the cartridge upright and unscrew the mouthpiece. The cartridge is usually a glass or hard plastic chamber, so make sure that your fingers are not greasy so the cartridge doesn’t drop and break. After twisting the mouthpiece off of the cartridge, place it on a table where it will not roll off onto the floor where children and pets can easily get a hold of it. 


Some juice bottles have a dropper attached to the lid, but if your juice does not come with a dropper, then investing in a small syringe will be helpful in order to prevent both spillage and overfilling.

Fill your cartridge by dripping small droplets of juice into the cartridge while aiming for the center post and glass wall. To prevent overfilling your cartridge, make sure that you are aware of the capacity limit that your vape pen has.

Once your cartridge is filled, twist the mouthpiece back on to the pen until it is secured tightly. Enjoy! 


If you use dry herbs, the first step is to make sure your herbs are ground to the right consistency. You want the herb ground coarsely and evenly. Too bulky and you won’t get even heating and airflow. Too fine or compact, and you’ll get too hot of a burn while negatively impacting airflow.

Although you can break down and break apart your herb by hand or with other utensils, this can be a sticky and messy process. For those interested in using dry herb vapes, it is suggested that you invest in a grinder for optimal results. Grinding allows for your dry herbs to be evenly heated for maximum terpenes and flavor, while also optimizing airflow and efficiency.

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Next, pack the herbs into the chamber, and be cautious about overfilling or overpacking. This is where the concentrate gets vaporized, and vaporizing dry herbs requires that the air passing through can do so easily. 

After your chamber is packed, secure the mouthpiece and enjoy! 


Wax concentrates are perhaps the most difficult to refill, available in a wide range of varying consistencies and textures. Wax typically requires the use of a dab tool that usually comes with the vape pen kit you purchase. That said, you may need different tools available depending on the type of wax you prefer.

Remove the mouthpiece from the chamber of your pen and scoop up a small piece of the wax using your dab tool. If you do not have a dab tool, a paperclip will suffice. 

From there, dab the wax onto the coil. Dab coils are thin, metal coils and are extremely delicate, so make sure not to poke at the coil too hard. This is the part where people tend to need some practice. The good news is that these coils are disposable and need to be replaced every now and again anyway, so you have some room to get the hang of it. After replacing the mouthpiece, hit the power button for a few seconds to prime the wick and allow the wax to melt onto the coil. Enjoy! 

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