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How to Use a Filter Tip To Roll Your Own Herb

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

How to Use a Filter Tip To Roll Your Own Herb

Rolling your own with filters and tips

As much as we’ve come to love glass bongs, there’s something innately cool about rolling your own joint to enjoy your herb. 

It’s so 80’s, we agree. But don’t we just dote on retro?  It stokes your hipster persona. But it can be a welcome change from the water-cooled smoke that seems to have become the norm these days.  

Don’t be fooled by the ‘Smoke is smoke’ analogy being thrown around loosely. There’s a world of difference in the intensity and flavor of smoke generated by a joint and a bong. The latter is a more washed down version, if that’s the right way to describe it.  

We consider joint rolling to be one of the most basic skills that every marijuana consumer should have up their sleeve. On a bad day, it can save your ass when your $500 glass bong comes crashing, leaving you in the doldrums, yearning for your daily fix. Just in case, we do carry bongs under $100 here.

Just grab some paper, roll up a filter (cute way to show off your origami skills), throw in a tip and enjoy an intense hit in one of the oldest ways to smoke Marijuana. 

If you are a joint-rolling rookie, then here’s a brief guide to help you get going with the basics of rolling THE perfect joint. 

Preparing for the joint

You don’t need specialized equipment to roll a good joint. That’s part of the appeal. But, there are roller systems to help you get the perfect joint.

However, a little preparation goes a long way in ensuring that you get a smooth hit and your joint doesn’t get clogged with resin in the middle. 

There are three key variables to a joint. 

  1. The Herb: This is individualistic. Some users prefer a rougher grind that they break down by hand, while others prefer a finer grind that can be achieved with a grinder. The advantage of a finer grind is that it’s easier to roll. The caveat is that it’s more likely to get clogged with resin by the time you are halfway there. Breaking down by hand is an art. You have to get the consistency just right. If there are too many lumps, there’s a risk of canoeing, which happens when there are too many gaps in between the paper and the herb. 
  2. The paper: Sure, you can roll a joint with just about anything. Even a bubble gum wrapper with the foil peeled off. But does it make a great joint? No. If you can get your hands on hemp wraps or joint paper, then that’s the best way to enjoy your herb. Period. Nothing even comes close. 
  3. Filters and tips: This is one of those perpetual debates that seem to have no logical ending. Should or shouldn’t you use filters and tips with your joints? We are all for filters. It makes it easier to roll the J, improves the airflow and there’s a much-needed space between the combusting herb and your lips. And if you are sharing the joint with a friend in need, there are less chances of spit swapping. Gross! 

Getting the filter right

If you have sourced pre-rolled joints in some states where it’s legal, you might have noticed a tiny ‘W’ shape at the bottom of the joint. That’s a ‘W’ filter for you. 

It’s the easiest type of joint filter to roll. Why you can even find a premade one in the local head shop

In case you don’t, just grab a thin business card and cut off a small rectangular piece of cardboard from it. 

Now, fold 1-2mm of the end of the card so that it creates a small rectangle. Fold it once again in the opposite direction. And again in the direction of the first fold and then again in the opposite direction. Somewhat like an accordion. If you did this correctly, you’d have four tiny folds that resemble a W if you look at it from the sides. Clamp this W shape and roll the remaining cardboard around it tightly. Viola! You have your W filter tip. 

Rolling the joint

Now that we have done the prep, it’s time to roll the J. 

There are two types of joints that you can choose from. 

  1. The Pinner: This is a plain, cigarette-styled joint. Easier to learn to roll, perfect for sharing with friends as everyone gets an equal hit. You won’t invite any unpleasant stares. It’s also less obvious as compared to the second variety. 
  2. The Bat: This one’s shaped like a cone. The non-filter end is broader and gives a more intense hit as compared to the pinner. The caveat is that as you approach the filter, the hits become less intense and the paper flavor becomes more evident. We also carry premade cones.

Irrespective of the one you choose, the rules for rolling are pretty much the same. 

Pack the paper with just enough herb to ensure that the joint has an even shape. This differs from person to person, but a standard-sized joint usually has a gram of herb. You can, of course, make it much bigger. 

Give shape to the joint with your forefingers as you pack it. 

Start rolling the joint from the filter side as it gives the joint shape and makes it easier to get an even finish. 

Tuck the unglued side of the paper into the herb and roll the glued side to seal it. Now gently work your way down the seam along the paper edge, sealing the entire joint. 

Always pack the end of the joint. You can use just about anything that you can get your hands on. A pen, a chopstick, a drawstring, anything works. 

Enjoy Responsibly! 

And if you need high-quality rolling papers, you know Hemper has just what you need!