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The History of Grav

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

The History of Grav

Grav Labs History

Considered by many to be a key staple of any smoker’s kit, GRAV products some of the most popular on the market. But who is behind this multi-million dollar company? And what’s their story? Read on to find out about the History of GRAV.

How It All Began

Before the year 2014, many people were creating gravity bongs using household materials and discarded items. Creative herb enthusiasts would fashion various items, from plastic bottles to watermelons, into water pipes with predictably mixed results. Around this time, Grav’s founder Dave Daily was working as a mortgage processor. He had also gotten quite good at creating makeshift bongs using wine bottles. In fact, he was so good at it that when a friend suggested he start selling his creations online, Dave decided to do just this.  

Dave began sourcing empty wine bottles and parts in bulk, so that he could transform them into bongs. He subsequently launched his products online and set about marketing them to a wider audience. Dave would attend bong shows and that’s where he saw the popularity of his now signature product, the Gravitron, really start to grow. The Gravitron was subsequently stocked in head shops and continued to increase in popularity. Excited by this success, Dave decided to purchase his own glass-blowing equipment, enabling him to create more water pipes.

Realizing that a high-quality glass product was the most popular, Dave decided to use Borosilicate glass, which is widely known for its resistance to thermal shock. The thickness and durability of Borosilicate glass means that it can withstand changes in temperature more than other types of glass, making it a safer and more durable option. The glass is also easy to clean and safer to smoke from than other types of glass and for these reasons, it is still used for many of GRAV’s products today.

Thus, GRAV Labs was born. Now simply named ‘GRAV’ Dave’s company continue to create innovative, durable and scientifically-developed water pipes, which are a staple amongst herb-enthusiasts.

What Is A Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong uses two empty bottles to channel smoke through the bong water, pushing it into the smoker’s lungs. A gravity bong works by submerging a smaller bottle (with a bowl or cannabis on the top) in a larger bottle which contains the water. When the cannabis is lighted, the smoker draws the bottle out of the water, which causes it to fill with cannabis smoke. The smoker then simply unscrews the lid and puts their mouth over the top of the bottle whilst pushing the bottle down to force the cannabis smoke into the lungs.

Gravity bongs are regarded by many for their purported ability to produce a more intense high as compared to other types of bongs. This is largely due to the quality, concentration and volume of smoke being pushed into the lungs – inhale deep and long enough and you’re essentially breathing in a whole bowl of cannabis in one singe hit. If that sounds like a lot of fun, that’s because it is. Though not generally recommended for “beginners” or those new to the scene. Everything in moderation.


GRAV are most known for their creation of innovative and functional designs. We’ll take you through some of these - their specs, how they work and why they’re so awesome.

The Gravitron

GRAV’s namesake and founder Dave Daily’s first creation, The Gravitron is the first all-glass gravity water pipe. The large model is 14” tall and 3.5” in diameter and consists of an outer base, designed to hold 10” of water. The inner bottle is pulled slowly upwards and the smoke fills the chamber. Once the bowl is removed, the downstem also functions as a mouthpiece. Lowering the bottle back into the chamber creates pressure which forces the smoke up through the downstem.

Helix Classic Hand Pipe

The Helix Classic Hand Pipe is another of GRAV’s more recognizable products. The Helix Classic Hand Pipe is a joint venture, created by GRAV’s founder Dave Daily and glass blower Will Menzies. The Helix Classic Pipe is considered to be one of GRAV’s most innovatively designed pieces of smoking technology. It is the hand-held version of the waterpipe, designed with GRAV’s revolutionary Helix Venturi Chamber and a funnel body that aerates the smoke, cooling it and making it easier to inhale. The shoulders of the pipe contain air holes, keep the smoke away from the walls of the pipe and keep the funnel body clean.

Upline Bong

The Upline Bong is one of GRAV’s newer innovations and is a collaboration between GRAV and innovative designer Micah Evans. Like many of GRAV’s popular creations, the Upline Bong combines functionality with elegant design. The Upline’s signature ladder percolator is a series of bubbler chambers that push air and water through the pipe together, thoroughly filtering each hit. Designed for comfort, the Upline Bong is also a beautiful piece of glass design.

Upline Steamroller

The Upline Steamroller is a hand-held version of the Upline Bong design and works in the same way. The extra-thick restrictions both trap ash and ripple light beautifully, making the Upline Steamroller a functional and great looking product. This product requires no accessories or water in order to function.


Stax is another ingenious concept devised by the GRAV team. STAX is the first all-glass modular smoking system that enables users to assemble their own product by selecting different components. These components lock together and there are thousands of different combinations, enabling the user to create a design that is totally unique to them.

Why Choose GRAV?

Where GRAV lacks in the beauty department, they more than make up for with their superior design function. GRAV’s popularity amongst the herbal community is down to their ability to produce incredible products that combine high quality and innovation. If you’re yet to try any GRAV products, take a look at the huge range of reliable, quality and innovative products we offer. You’re bound to find something to inspire you.