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The SmokeFiends Are Coming!

by Hemper Co 3 min read

The SmokeFiends Are Coming!

Get the Best Personal Air Filter for A Sesh Without the Smoke

Love the sesh but hate the smoke? We’ve all been there before. You just want to relax and take the edge off without having to deal with the smoke that lingers around afterwards. Whether it’s the clouds or the odor, you might be wondering if there’s a way you could still enjoy your favorite flower, tobacco blend, or vape flavor without having to go to extensive lengths to cover it all up.  

SmokeFiends are here, and they want the smoke! 

We’re stoked to introduce our latest partnership with SmokeFiends. These portable personal air filters are designed to eliminate smoke and odor with each exhale so that you can enjoy your sesh discreetly without any haze or smell giving it away. 

SmokeFiends Features 

You can summon one of four SmokeFiends to your side whenever you’re ready to smoke. Choose fromBlaze the Cactus,Trixx the Ghost,Juice the Pineapple, orBlitz the Football to help you filter your air and keep the odors at bay. 

No matter which SmokeFiend you want to take with you, each one includes a reusable silicone body and a biodegradable filter. You can easily replace the filter when it’s time to freshen up. To ensure the filter’s maximum longevity, the SmokeFiend is outfitted with drytech particles to reduce moisture between uses. 

Other features include: 

HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon:A built-in, aircraft-quality HEPA filter captures the smoke and odor particles before they have a chance to escape. Your SmokeFiend loves to eat them! The activated carbon also provides a secondary layer of odor neutralization for each hit. 

Medical-Grade Silicone:Medical-grade silicone is tough but flexible, portable, and shatter-resistant. It can also be cleaned with ease and will not become stained or sticky with smoke residue. 

300+ Uses Per Filter:SmokeFiends filters are designed for 300+ bong hits. The filters can typically handle more than this number for vapes, but slightly less from blunt smoke. 

Keychain Included:SmokeFiends don’t want to leave your side! Each one includes a keychain so that you can easily keep it with you and have it on-hand whenever you have a minute to relax and enjoy your favorite cannabinoid. 

Great Reasons to Use SmokeFiends

There’s really no reason not to have your trusty SmokeFiend within reach. However, there are some particular situations where you might find your new friend extremely beneficial such as: 

You Live With People Who Don’t Allow Smoking

Someone you live with may not allow smoking inside. With SmokeFiends, you can exhale directly into the device and it will remove any trace of haze or odor so that you can still have a sesh without alerting anyone to what you’re doing. 

You’re Traveling  

If you’re traveling or staying somewhere where you cannot leave a smoke smell, your SmokeFiend will take care of the odor of you. The compact design allows you to easily take your new best friend anywhere and everywhere with ease. 

You Want to Smoke Discreetly in Public 

SmokeFiends devices do not have the typical shape of many smoking accessories like bongs or glass pipes. You can exhale discreetly into your SmokeFiend without any odor or smoke drawing attention to you while you’re going about your day. 

You Like to Keep Your Place Smelling Fresh 

Even for long-time cannabis, tobacco, and vape enthusiasts,  the smell of smoke is not always enjoyable. If you want to keep your space looking, feeling, and smelling fresh at all times, a smoky odor might not be something that you want. 

With SmokeFiends, you can continue enjoying your favorite strain indoors without having to worry about your sesh spilling out into other parts of your home. Simply reach for it on the exhale, and you can erase all appearance of smoke from your room. 

How to Use Smokefiends 

SmokeFiends are simple to use. When you’re ready to exhale, hold the mouthpiece up to your lips and blow the smoke into the filtered cavity. Your SmokeFiend will take care of the rest! 

If you are using your SmokeFiend and realize that you can see traces of smoke or still smell a slight odor, this could indicate that it is time to change the filter. Keep a few extras on hand so you can quickly swap them out and continue your sesh. 

Get SmokeFiends with Your Next Hemper Order 

SmokeFiends are an essential accessory for anyone that loves an odor-free smoking experience or wants to enjoy their favorite strain on-the-go. Say goodbye to hazy hotboxes or skunk smells for good! Pick up a SmokeFiend with your next Hemper order for just $24.95.