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How to Clean Your Vape Pen

by Christy Coy 4 min read

How to Clean Your Vape Pen

Vape Pen Cleaning Guide

You’ve got a vape pen. You use it regularly and it never lets you down. But if you fail to take care of your vape pen, it might fail to take care of you. Lesser talked about, yet incredibly important, is regularly cleaning your vape pen.

But why? And how can you clean your vape pen effectively? This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of how to clean your vape pen with ease. But before we dive into the “how”, let’s talk about the “why”.

After all, understanding the importance of keeping your vape pen clean will help to motivate your need to actually clean it. So, why is making sure that your pen stays clean necessary? 

Why Bother with Regularly Cleaning your Vape Pen?

Better Health and Wellness

One of the major reasons vaping skyrocketed to the top of user preferences, is its purported (and possible) health benefit as compared to traditional combustion smoking methods. Yet failure to regularly clean your vape pen may actually negate a lot of this possible benefit, while also introducing new hazards to your health.

If you allow for the buildup of residue and ash you are subjecting yourself to not only an inferior experience and awful “off-flavors”, you are exposing your mouth, throat and lungs to irritants, carcinogens and other harmful toxins. But it's not just the chamber that can be an issue. The mouthpiece is a haven for bacteria and even mold spores to take hold. 

For these reasons and more, cleaning your vape pen on a regular basis is incredibly important.

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Save Big in the Long Run

Vape kits can get pricey, making anything you can do to extend the life of your pen something worth exploring.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your vape pen will prevent it from deteriorating and burning out. Simply being able to lengthen the lifespan of your vape is simple, easy and effective…so long as you remember to do it.

Getting the most life out of your pen with the highest quality usage is a great reason to make sure it stays clean, especially because that’s all it really takes! 


Simple, Easy and Rewarding 

A lot of times, the basis of our laziness stems merely from how difficult something is to do. But the good news is, cleaning your vape pen is incredibly easy! In fact, the hardest part is simply remembering to do it. We suggest setting a “one and done” recurring calendar reminder on your smartphone.

And, the process doesn’t take long at all! The fact that the cleaning process is quick and easy is one of the most appealing aspects of using a vape pen to begin with! So with a little effort, you’ll reap incredible rewards with a more flavorful and potent vapor with every rip, while also protecting your health and extending the lifespan of your device.

The Vape Cleaning Process

The safest way to clean your pen would be to follow the steps outlined in the manual or instruction pamphlet that came with your purchase. But, depending on the pen, instruction booklets aren’t always included, so this guide can take its place.

Here is how to properly clean your pen! The first step is always the same when it comes to cleaning your pen. And that is to dismantle your pen. 

After the parts of your vape pen are separated, follow the following guidelines.



The battery should be removed at least once a week and thoroughly checked for any ashes, concentrates, or loose particles left on the head of the battery. Any loose particles should be cleaned with a cotton ball or q-tip and rubbing alcohol. Simply dip the cotton ball or swab into the rubbing alcohol and dab away the particles or concentrates from the battery. That’s it! Keeping your battery clean will help to assure that your battery continues to make a strong connection with the heating coils and prevent the battery from having to work harder in order to heat the coils in the vape. 


The chamber of a vape pen is the part of the pen that vaporizes your material using heated coils. It is important to note that using water may damage your device as it still uses an electrical method of heat. The chamber is made up of thin wires, so when you clean this part of the pen, just be aware that these wires are very delicate. In order to clean the chamber, simply dab the heating coils with a q-tip that has been dipped in rubbing alcohol. 


The mouthpiece is typically the dirtiest part of any vape pen, but luckily, it’s also the easiest to clean! Using a microfiber cloth or swab, wipe off any grime or soil that has accrued on the mouthpiece. If you see that the mouthpiece needs a deeper cleaning, just drop the piece into a container of isopropyl alcohol and let it soak for about 30 minutes. If you don’t have any isopropyl alcohol handy, then rubbing alcohol will suffice. After about a half an hour of soaking, rinse the mouthpiece under warm water and leave out to dry. Remember, the mouthpiece is the only part of the vape pen that should ever be touching water! 

Closing Thoughts: How Often Should You Clean your Vape Pen?

The optimal amount of time between each cleaning will vary from person to person so there isn’t a definitive schedule you should follow (so long as you DO establish a schedule).

Generally speaking, how often you should clean your pen will be based on the amount of uses between cleanings as well as the types of concentrates you enjoy using with your pen. Having said that, you should always aim to clean your vape pen after about 20 uses for maximum quality, battery life, and overall lifespan. Other indications that your pen may need cleaning is the visual appearance of build-up, or a funky flavor or aroma when in use.

When in doubt, just remember that rubbing alcohol is a vape pen’s best friend! Be gentle, but be clean!