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What is a Terp Slurp? How to Use One

by Hemper Co 4 min read

What is a Terp Slurp? How to Use One

Do you love experimenting with terpene profiles and amplifying the flavor of your extracts? Do you enjoy powerful, tasty hits that leave a lasting impression on your taste buds? If so, then using a terp slurper might be just what you need. 

As more dabbing enthusiasts look to maximize their seshes, this innovative tool is quickly becoming a necessity for any serious concentrate connoisseur. If you haven’t tried one yet, though, you might be wondering what exactly is a terp slurper and how does it work? 

Today, we'll cover everything from what terp slurpers are, why you’ll love them, and easy but effective tips for making sure you get the most out of your new dabbing tool. First, let’s start with the basics. 

So…What Exactly is a Terp Slurper? 

Terp slurpers are a type ofquartz banger shaped like traditional dab buckets but with some added features to extend the longevity of your sesh. Whenever you’re finished dabbing, do you ever wish that you just had a little extra to keep vibing for longer? 

That’s where a terp slurper can help. Unlike old school buckets, a terp slurper also features an additional downward tube with tiny openings that create a more continuous airflow with each hit. This continued percolation keeps the concentrate in an “always ready” state so that you do not need to constantly torch it whenever you’re ready to go again, as long as you have the cap on the bucket when not using it. 

Typically, a terp slurper has three main parts: The top, middle, and bottom - easy, right? The top is essentially the same as any classic dab bucket. The middle cylinder extends down from the bucket where the continuous airflow and percolation occur. The bottom dish completes the terp slurper setup. 

Benefits of Using a Terp Slurper 

More Value for Your Dabs

As much as well all love our dabs, we also know the strain it puts on the wallet when it’s time to restock our supply. Depending on where you’re buying from, this can add up quick. 

Using a terp slurper allows for a single dab to last longer than traditional methods. Using less product per sesh will help cut down expenses by extending the time between re-upping your stash. 

More Potent Flavor 

Terpenes are what provide the distinct taste and aroma to each strain. When you can really,really taste that hit, nothing compares. 

Terp slurpers offer a smoother and more flavorful hit each time. It will feel like you’re rediscovering some of your favorite dabs, waxes, and resins in new ways with more prominent tastes than ever before. 

Great for First-Time Dabbers

If you’re interested in dabbing but haven’t made the jump yet, using a terp slurper can start you off the right way. You’ll truly understand the flavor and vibe differences between dabbing concentrate and smoking flower. 

Most terp slurper nails are also designed for universal fitting. If you purchased a dab rig from one brand and the nail from another, you should not face much of a challenge fitting them together. Just check the sizing on each product listing before completing the final purchase. For example, a 22mm turp slurper marble can cover any nail bucket 22mm or less in diameter. 

More Comfortable Temperatures

Traditional dabbing is done at higher temperatures than dabbing with a terp slurper. The increased airflow with a terp slurper nail allows for a cooler and more comfortable temperature as you inhale the vapor.

We’ve all been there. Coughing fits from an intense hit are no one’s idea of a quality sesh. 

If you’re prone to coughing when dabbing, you’ll especially dig the feel of using a terp slurper. Beyond the flavor, the vapor temperature remains lower and less intense on the inhale and exhale. 

How to Use a Terp Slurper 

When you’re ready to vibe out at your next sesh, do you want to spend time figuring out how to use the terp slurper you just bought? Probably not, which is why we’ll give you a quick overview so you can just light the torch and coast. 

Step 1: Heating the Bottom Dish 

Heat the bottom dish on the terp slurper nail with your dabbing torch. After about 30 seconds, the concentrate should be ready to go to the next step. 

Step 2: Let the Airflow In 

Don’t cap the nail right away. Let it sit for about another 40 seconds so that the percolation can occur. If you cap it too quickly, you can restrict the airflow completely. 

Step 3: Enjoy Your Sesh 

Dab the bottom dish and start the sesh! Within less than 2 minutes, you’re ready to vibe out and enjoy. 

Do Terp Slurpers Need to be Cleaned? 

As with any dabbing accessory, occasional cleaning is recommended to keep your piece working at its best. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind to keep your nail clean. 

First, when dabbing, don’t use the same high temperatures you might use on a traditional nail. Terp slurpers are designed for a smoother hit at lower heat. 

Second, use the nail only for dabbing quality concentrates and avoid using it for oils. Stick to sold or semisolid cannabinoids only. 

Lastly, when not using the terp slurper, clean it periodically by letting it sit in isopropyl alcohol for about 20 minutes at a time. You can then remove any remaining buidlup by scrubbing gently with a cotton swab. 

Get a Quality Terp Slurper Today 

At Hemper, we’re committed to providing cannabinoid lovers everywhere with a highly curated and personalized experience to discover the perfect dabbing and smoking tools they need to enjoy the next sesh to the fullest. If you’re a dabber looking to branch out or to grow your existing collection of terp slurpers, browse our full collection or contact us anytime to learn more.

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