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What to Do if Your Vaporizer is Leaking

by Angel Ferrer 2 min read

What to Do if Your Vaporizer is Leaking

Your Vaporizer is Leaking - Now What?

Early generation vaporizers used to leak like a sieve. They were shoddy in quality and nowhere near as well-engineered as the devices we use today. No matter what brand you bought or what tweak you tried, you’d always find some liquid dribbling its way out magically, much to the embarrassment and anger of the user. 

In fact, there came a time when even the most expensive sub-ohm tank would be prone to leaks over time, leading many users to switch permanently to dry concentrates instead of e-liquids. 

However, a lot has changed since then. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and modern-day vaporizers hardly leak the way their old school counterparts used to.

However, you’d still find the occasional vaporizer spitting or popping. Whether due to user error, wear and tear from use, or damage from abuse (such as dropping the device), leaks can and do happen.

If you find yourself struggling with spit backs and leaks, then here’s a brief guide that addresses the common problems that may be causing the leaks. 

How to Identify Leaking? 

Technically, any type of liquid oozing from your vaporizer can be defined as a leak, greatly impacting performance, efficiency and the quality of your vapor.

Leaks can present as e-liquids or oils leaking from the tank, which is the most common complaint that vapers have. Or, in some cases, the sweetener from the liquids can saturate the wires and the cotton eventually triggering a leak from the tip or from the joint where the connector connects to the battery. 

Congratulations, you have a leaking vaporizer. What next? 

Identifying the Cause of the Leak

While a leaking vaporizer can be excruciatingly frustrating, there are easy fixes to most problems surrounding leaks. 

The first step is to identify the cause of the leak. Consider the following culprits…

    1. This is one of the most improbable causes for a leaking vaporizer. But a very likely one if you aren’t careful while refilling the tank with e-liquid. Avoid getting the liquid into the central tube that runs all the way up to the mouthpiece. The liquid in the central tube is likely to dribble out slowly the moment you keep the vaporizer away. Tilt the tank while pouring e-liquid into it. Somewhat like you’d tilt a glass while pouring beer into it. If you accidentally get a wee bit of e-liquid into the central tube, use a tissue to dab it or just flick it a couple of times to get the liquid out. While we are at it, never overfill the tank. Always leave a little bit of space to help create a vacuum inside the tank. 

Have a Leak that Can’t be Fixed?

It happens. All good things must come to an end. If your vaporizer has seen better days, it might be time for an upgrade. A damaged and leaking vaporizer can be ineffective, wasteful and even dangerous.

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