Adam Ill

Adam iLL (aka “The Highest Host” or “The Kosher Stoner”) is a host/personality in the cannabis community. He’s hosted shows on BRealTV, Herb, MaryJane, and LA’s best kept secret the infamous cannabis meetup ”Secret Sesh” 

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HemperTECH Hempwick $ 1.99
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HemperTECH Cotton Tips $ 4.99
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HEMPER Windproof Torch Lighter $ 9.99
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Element Perforated Rolling Tips 2 Pack $ 1.99
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Element King Size Papers Sold Out
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Adam iLL x HEMPER Soda Cup Rig $ 59.99 $ 79.99
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Hemper x Adam Ill Sweatband w/ Stash Pocket $ 9.99
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Adam iLL Air Freshener $ 4.99
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Adam iLL x HEMPER; The Highest Host June Collab Box

Welcome to the exclusive Adam iLL x HEMPER Highest Host Collab Series!


  • Hemper Soda Cup Rig
  • Premium Quartz Banger
  • Hemper Perforated Filter Tips
  • Hemper Torch Lighter
  • HemperTECH Hempwick
  • HemperTECH Alcohol Swabs
  • HemperTECH Wooden Tips
  • Adam iLL x HEMPER Sweatband w/ Stash pocket
  • Adam iLL x HEMPER Air Freshener
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