Combustibles, Filter Tips, & Quick Hitters

Hey There, Fellow Smokers! Welcome to Hemper’s Ultimate Session Collection!

We get it. Whether you’re chilling solo or having a smoke sesh with pals, you want it smooth, effortless, and downright enjoyable. That’s why we’ve put together the Ultimate Session Collection just for you - a blend of our fave #Combustibles#FilterTips, and #QuickHitters. Let’s take a quick tour, shall we?

🔥 All About Those Combustibles: First stop, our ever-so-lovely Hemper's Classic Cones. These beauties are all about that even burn and those chill, aromatic vibes with every puff. Seriously, light one up and let the good times roll... literally.

🌀 Filter Tips to Roll With: Up next, our filter tips. Sturdy and designed for that flawless airflow, they’ll keep your rolls solid and your draws smooth. Yep, we’re all about keeping those sessions blissfully uncomplicated.

💨 Quick Hitters on the Go: And don’t even get us started on our Quick Hitters. Small, mighty, and ready to rock whenever you are. Quick, clean hits in super sleek designs that slide right into your pocket. Perfect for those spontaneous adventures.

Let’s keep those vibes high and the smoke smooth. Shop the Collection and let’s light up the good times together.