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Kimmy Tan X Hemper

Kimmy Tan is a famous Youtuber and Tattoo artist located in Los Angeles.  With over 400k Subscribers, Kimmy has made a name for herself in the artistic Youtube community.  All original Artwork was used for the design and development of the collaboration.

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HEMPER Hourglass Rig $ 39.99
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HEMPER Camouflage Rolling Tray $ 9.99 $ 11.99
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Hemper Doolie: PreRoll Multiplier $ 9.99
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Kimmy Tan x HEMPER Air Freshener Sold Out
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Hemper Glass Filter Tip $ 2.99
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420 Wipes (x100) $ 6.95
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BIC Lighter $ 1.99
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Camouflage Hemper Sticker $ 1.00
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HemperTECH Hempwick $ 1.99
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Element King Size Papers Sold Out
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Kimmy Tan X Hemper Collab Box (September 2017)


  • HEMPER Hourglass Rig
  • HEMPER Rolling Tray
  • HEMPER Doolie
  • Premium **RAW, ELEMENT OR OCB** Rolling Papers
  • HEMPER Air Freshener
  • HemperTECH Hempwick
  • HEMPER Glass Filter Tip
  • BIC Lighter

Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! 

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