Secret Nature CBD

Secret Nature CBD

Known for indoor-grown CBD flowers, hemp and high-quality extracts, Secret Nature CBD is more than just another CBD company. The brand’s commitment to unparalleled quality control and impeccable cultivation shines through the way it’s products consistently deliver results for customers.

With the manta “Beyond the High”, Secret Nature CBD takes its customers beyond the overwhelming feel of traditional cannabis, helping them embrace the warm, relaxing and soothing feel of indoor-grown CBD-rich cannabis.

Terpenes and Potency:Purity and potency are hallmarks of Secret Nature. Carefully cultivated under the strictest of controls and standards, flower used in it’s products are optimally grown to maximize cannabinoid production.

Smooth & Rich:Innovative cold-curing process results in an incredibly smooth, rich and flavorful burn.

Hand Manicured:Hand-selected and expertly trimmed in order to preserve an optimal amount of trichomes and offer customers an aesthetic as impressive as its feel and flavor.

Secret Nature CBD Vape Carts

Available in a wide range of popular strains, and made from full-spectrum CBD, these carts offer a well-balanced flavor and feel perfect for day or evening use.

Secret OG Pre-rolls

One of the most popular strains, embodying the aroma and visual appeal of the ‘real thing’ (i.e. cannabis varieties), these pre-rolls offer a robust indica leaning effect that relaxes mind, body and spirit.

CBD Flower

Made from the finest hemp strains, Secret Nature flower is fresh, potent and pure. Available in a wide variety of strains, CBD flower is full of everything great about cannabis, without the overwhelming and anxiety-inducing high. Enjoy a full spectrum of cannabinoids dense in CBD, CBN and other naturally occurring cannabinoids, all with less than 0.3% THC.