Country Roads - Gelato Hybrid Delta 8 + CBD Crumble | 1G

Product Description

Pure Delta-8 THC distillate combined with cannabinoid rich full spectrum CBD oil can provide you with the strong concentrated dose needed for serious relief. Infused with Gelato terpenes; known for being an evenly balanced hybrid that can produce mmediate effects of physical pain relief and stimulation of the mind with strong indica effects that are great for full body relaxation. Unique in flavor the gelato terpenes produce a sweet and savory taste that is easy to love.


  • 1G Jar
  • Delta-8 Distillate Sauce
  • Full Spectrum CBD Crumble
  • Gelato Terpenes

  • NOTE: This Delta 8 product CANNOT BE SHIPPED to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington