HEMPER - Bong Bundle

Product Description

Welcome to the ultimate Bong Bundle, your one-stop-shop for all your bong essentials! It's got everything you need to enjoy, maintain, and elevate your bong sessions.

Kick things off with the Cleaning Plugs+Caps PRO, designed to make cleaning a breeze - no more messy spillages or residue build-up. Next up, our Anodized Aluminum Herb Grinder comes in a compact 4-piece, 1.5" size, perfect for prepping your herbs just right. The Glass Flower Bowl, with its 14mm Male Joint, promises a smooth and consistent burn for an exceptional session. And don't forget the Silicone Cache - Debowling Ashtray, your ultimate assistant for easy ash disposal and maintaining a clean space. The Party Rolling Tray (Medium) is all about making roll-ups fun and easy, wherever you are. Our Organic Beeswax Hempwick ensures a cleaner, better-tasting burn, while the trusty Clipper is here to keep things well-lit.

Grab our Bong Bundle and upgrade your bong game today!

$104 Value!

What's Included: 

(1) Cleaning Plugs+Caps PRO

(1) Anodized Aluminum Herb Grinder | 4 Piece 1.5" Size
(1) Glass Flower Bowl | 14mm Male Joint
(1) Silicone Cache - Debowling Ashtray
(1) Party Rolling Tray (Medium)
(1) Organic Beeswax Hempwick
(1) Clipper