HEMPER - Candy Monster XL Recycler Bong Box

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Hemper Candy Monster XL Recycler Bong Box

Get ready for a monster of a hit with our Candy Monster XL Recycler Bong! This colorful creature isn't just after candy  it's all about the incredible recycling action. Watch as the water creates a vortex in the monsters head, and prepare for a massively flavorful hit. With its glowing spikes, UV glow Candy Bowl, and mesmerizing water movement, each puff is a tasty adventure.

Every Hemper XL Box comes with a hand-picked assortment of popular accesories, papers, cones, ad wraps. Perfect for trying new items, stocking up on essentials, or sharng with friends.

  • 1 X Hemper Candy Monster Recycler Bong XL
  • 1 X Candy 14 mm Bowl
  • 1 X Hemper Space Monster Handpipe
  • 1 X Hemper Keeper Assorted Colors
  • 1 X Forumla 710 12oz
  • 1 X Hemper Ghost Carb Cap
  • 1 X Quartz Banger 14 MM Male Joint
  • 5 X Hemper Quick Hitters Assorted Flavors
  • 1 X Hemper Quick Hitters Unflavored
  • 1 X Hemper Large Rolling Tray Assorted
  • 1 X Assorted Clipper Lighter
  • 1 X Hemper Tech Odor Eliminator Spray
  • 1 X Hemper Tech Freshwipes
  • 1 X Hemper Tech Pipe Cleaners
  • 1 X Hemper Tech Hempwick
  • 1 X Hemper Tech Wood Qtips
  • 1 X Hemper Tech Snapcaps
  • 1 X Hemper Glass Filter Tip
  • 1 X Limited Edition Sticker
  • $250+ Value