HEMPER - Dab Bundle

Product Description

$133 Value!

Say hello to our Dabbing Bundle, the ultimate kit for dab enthusiasts seeking the best from their concentrates.

The star of the show is the Isoplex - Iso Cleaning & Concentrate Tool Station, a powerhouse for keeping your gear clean and organized. Next, meet the Mushroom Glass Dab Tool, a whimsical accessory that adds style and precision to every dab. Our Quartz Banger, with a 14mm Male Joint, 20mm OD, and 3mm thickness, ensures quick heat up and optimal flavor. Enhance your control with the Directional Small Bubble Style Glass Carb Cap, perfect for fine-tuning your session. Our 6mm Quartz Glow Terp Pearls, 2-pack, add a touch of magic, elevating heat retention and vaporization for an unparalleled experience. Keep things neat with the Silicone Dab Mat, your shield against sticky situations. Finally, our Hemper Tech Cotton Buds, 200ct, keep your setup pristine for pure, delicious flavors every time.

Gear up with our Dabbing Bundle and experience the full spectrum of your concentrates.

What's Included: 

(1) Isoplex - Iso Cleaning & Concentrate Tool Station

Dab Tool - (Assorted)
(1) Quartz Banger | 14mm Male Joint | 20mm OD | 3mm Thickness
(1) Directional Small Bubble Style Glass Carb Cap
(1) 6mm Quartz Glow Terp Pearls | 2 Pack
(1) 5" Shock Absorbent Glass Pad (Assorted)
(1) Hemper Tech Cotton buds 200ct